A cloud-based financial planning and modeling application.

About ClearFactr

ClearFactr is an online application that makes the entire financial planning and modeling process easier, yet way more powerful than typical solutions with desktop or cloud-based spreadsheets.

Since ClearFactr is a browser-based “Software as a Service”, or “Saas”, product, you can use it from any location supported by your browser. Your data is securely stored “in the cloud” at state-of-the-art data centers run by Amazon Web Services. You’ll always be using the latest version of the software, simply as a result of refreshing your browser window.

There are three major components:

  • The Self-Describing Spreadsheet–a patent-pending way of representing and presenting the data and formulas in your plan. All of the typical spreadsheet notations and formulas are replaced with readable “Natural Language.”

  • Patent-pending analytics and an incredibly powerful simulation engine–capabilities that are simply not possible in a typical spreadsheet. Built-in tools, such as the Sensitivity Analyzer and Leverage Report, can perform complex analyses with the click of a button, and the Simulator can show you how your plan reacts to millions of potential scenarios.

  • A collaboration system–designed to facilitate communication between you and your audience. Share your ClearFactr plan with whomever you choose, assign editing permissions on an individual basis, and track what those people do with the plan, all without messing with the plan itself. When you share a plan with someone who hasn’t used ClearFactr before, they’ll get a free account that they can use to interact with your Plan–so although you’re inviting them to the party, you’re not sticking them with the bill.

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