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Gain Clear Reporting and Visual Business Insights
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QQube™ allows you to create reports and analysis in minutes by dragging and dropping your information into tools like Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, Power BI, or Tableau to efficiently organize your data and stimulate informed business decisions

Affordable Data Warehousing for Small Business

QQube™ eliminates the traditional methods of deciphering tables, relationships, or reverse engineering. It will save you hours, days, or even weeks, because everything is already put together for you. QQube™ goes far beyond the built-in QuickBooks® Enterprise options for Custom Reporting and Advanced Reporting (requires yearly subscription) and produces hundreds of report options not even available through those mechanisms.

Create a report or analysis in Excel using our built-in Add-in or start with any one of our 150 advanced examples for Excel PowerPivot, PowerBI, Access, SAP® Crystal Reports, or Tableau.


  • More Financial Reporting. Create financial statements and reports you can’t get inside of QuickBooks®
    • Trial Balance Activity by period, or by class
    • Statement of Cash Flows, by class
    • Combine Actuals, Budget AND forecast in the same report
    • Enhanced General Ledger with linked transactions grouping ability
    • 52/53 Tax Year
  • Multiple Company Aggregation. 45% of our customer base uses QQube™ to aggregate up to 100 company files. Report on ANY data – not just financials or sales.
  • Comprehensive Job Cost Analytics. It takes QuickBooks® 5 different reports to achieve what QQube™ accomplishes in 20 seconds with 7 built-in columns.
  • Advanced Inventory Forecasting. We have the ability to show both sales, - and/or consumption for assemblies, with on-hand quantities, Open PO, SO, to spot trends, and calculate days on hand and seasonal attributes.
  • Sales and Profitability. Show profit by transaction, by sales rep , by item, by customer, or even preferred vendor.
  • Purchasing. Analyze buying patterns, rates or compare vendor distribution.
  • A/R and A/P. Slice and dice by job, by sales rep, by class, etc.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail. Quickly assess both the number and dollar value of the changes for any and all transactions. Not available in QuickBooks.
  • Payroll and Human Resources. QQube™ contains all payroll information, including paycheck details, and posting and non-posting transactions.
  • Sales Tax Analysis. Compare actual taxes accrued, by line item, by transaction vs theoretical amounts.
  • Multi-Currency. USA, CA, UK and NZ versions

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