Closedloop Dynamic Financial Control

A web-based budgeting, planning & forecasting service designed by Closedloop Solutions.

About Closedloop Dynamic Financial Control

The Closedloop Dynamic Financial Control (DFC) suite of web-based software is the most comprehensive solution in the market today for enterprise-wide financial planning and budgeting, forecasting and resource control.

In addition to delivering a best-in-class planning and budgeting solution, we have integrated into DFC several important new capabilities that have traditionally been addressed within enterprises by painfully stitching together a patchwork of disparate software tools.

These new capabilities in DFC include collaborative revenue forecasting, top-down dynamic steering of expenses, visibility to financial commitments being made in remote parts of the business, and synchronization of operating activities and decisions with the financial outlook. By offering these capabilities in a single, integrated software suite, we enable companies to extend and revitalize their planning and budgeting processes, and make financial forward visibility and control a source of competitive advantage.

The Closedloop solution provides companies with real-time visibility to their forward-looking financial picture through its instantaneous calculation and forecast rollup mechanisms, drives more accurate revenue forecast through collaboration, and enhances dynamic steering and control of financial results. It also improves productivity of the finance team through built-in process controls and elimination of manual template creation and maintenance, and promotes business manager ownership of financial plans through an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface.

Closedloop’s DFC platform is purpose-built to support financial planning and forecasting. The platform therefore inherently understands the elements required for planning and forecasting such as financial statements, time periods and planning horizons, and organizational, account and project hierarchies. This allows for remarkably short deployment timeframes, and makes solutions from Closedloop less expensive and very easy to administer and maintain.

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