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About Synoptix

Synoptix by CompuSoft Development is the leading software for Business Intelligence and Financial Reporting Writing. Synoptix’s claim to fame comes from it’s powerful drill downs, dashboard designer, and simple drag and drop reporting - all with a real-time, direct connection to your database.


Create and design (fully customizable) dashboards using any report, chart or graph of your vital indicators for day to day, hour by hour, or moment by moment monitoring of your operational, tactical or strategic performance. Then drill down on any number for further analysis.


With a direct, real-time connection to your General Ledger, you can easily create any financial report you need ý using a familiar spreadsheet look and feel, and drill all the way to the source data with point and click simplicity.


Because Operational reporting requires specific information from a large and complex data source, Synoptix uses what Data Spheres, predefined areas directly integrated to your database, that allow you to quickly create reports without having to rely on an IT or outside consultant.

Report Scheduler

Eliminate the hassle of report distribution to team members with Synoptix’s Scheduling Server. The server will automatically run reports on pre-determined schedules and then publish them in HTML, PDF, or spreadsheet formats directly to your email.

Trial Balance

Import Trial Balances from any accounting package on the market directly into Synoptix and completely automate the consolidation process. Once imported, Synoptix will automatically track the account numbers, making burdensome consolidations a thing of the past. No more having to maintain those cumbersome spreadsheets.

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User Reviews of Synoptix

Submitted on January 25th, 2016 by an anonymous Synoptix user.

We are using as a reporting tool.

The Good…

Ability to get data directly from our database.

The Bad…

Way too many reporting deficiencies for a software purchased to enhance reporting. No way to indent, alignment of numbers doesn’t always work. Some functions cannot access beginning balances so there are limitations to balance sheet reports.