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mynSight enables Business Intelligence processes by using MS SQL Server and Analysis Services which most Great Plains Edition customers have in place. It leverages MS technology to help you reduce time and cost and harness value from your business data. mynSight extracts Great Plains Edition data to create Analysis Services cubes – an integrated component of Microsoft SQL Server. The Analysis Services cubes can be accessed with Microsoft Excel or using a third-party reporting tool such as Cognos PowerPlay. You do not need time-consuming data modeling or custom programming. You can access and analyze your data with a few clicks of the mouse.

mynSight transforms operational data into business-critical information in just minutes and provides unlimited reporting flexibility. It delivers insight to every type of user, from knowledge workers to managers, to decision-makers and helps focus resources on revenue-generating activities, not on lengthy IT projects. mynSight processes data extracted from five modules of Great Plains Edition. It provides cube building functionality for Microsoft Great Plains Project Accounting, Inventory, General Ledger, Payables Management with Purchase Order Processing, and Receivables Management with Sales Ordering Processing and Invoicing modules.

mynSight is an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence solution for the Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions platform. mynSight transforms operational data into business critical information in a fraction of the time and cost of other applications. It harnesses the full value and rich functionality of your Microsoft SQL Server database. Most customers using Microsoft Great Plains Great Plains Edition on SQL Server have the technology in place to enable Business Intelligence processes. mynSight simply leverages this Microsoft technology to help you reduce the time and cost it takes to harness value from your business data. With mynSight, CRG embraces the integration of Analysis Services with applications such as Microsoft Excel, thus liberating users from having to purchase or learn an independent OLAP tool for analysis and reporting.

mynSight delivers insight to every type of user, from knowledge workers to managers, to key decision-makers. mynSight’s seamless integration with Microsoft Great Plains enables organizations to focus resources on revenue-generating activities, not on lengthy data modeling or custom programming projects. Decision-makers can use this multi-user application to generate business intelligence from the information available in their Great Plains Great Plains Edition accounting system. mynSight allows you to dynamically explore the interactions of different dimensions within the data through multi-dimensional analysis. You do not need to have any knowledge about the internal Great Plains Edition databases or its data dictionaries.

mynSight enables you to easily analyze the data by various dimensions in various combinations. These dimensions include sales territory, country, salesperson, customer, and inventory class. Moreover, while creating the Cube, you can select only the data you need for creating the Cube. For example, in the SOP/Invoicing Summary Cube, you can choose specific document types, shipping methods, and salespersons. Typically, you can filter any category available within an individual dimension. If you do not make any selections, all available data will be used. The selection functionality has two purposes: to limit analysis to a specific subset of the data, and to provide only a certain set of information to selected individuals. The selection process also affects processing time required for creating Cubes. The actual impact on performance depends upon the number of combinations chosen.

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