Covalent Performance Management Suite

About Covalent Performance Management Suite

Covalent Software was founded in 2003 and now has over 150 customer implementations of its Performance Management suite.

The product is now on its seventh major version release and offers a uniquely deep functionality across a wide range of component applications - KPIs, Actions, Risks, Complaints, Assessment Frameworks and Web Publishing.

Covalent is provided as a hosted service so there.s no extra load on your IT department. All you need is a browser - no new hardware or database software.

Subscription pricing allows you to turn the service on and off to suit your circumstances, and to spread the investment cost over time. You can be up and running within a month and evolve the usage of the system as people get increasingly comfortable with using the software.

Covalent Actions

Covalent Actions Tracks Progress on Key Initiatives, Highlighting Slippages At-a-Glance So Corrective Action Can Be Taken in Time.

Covalent Actions consolidates all the company’s initiatives, action plans and projects in one place. It gives you powerful progress tracking facilities and the ability to examine plans from multiple perspectives - by owner, by status, by date, by corporate objective.

You’ll be able to pick out overdue actions or missed milestones at-a-glance, as action plans are traffic-lighted based on progress and deadline date. As actions are progressed, users can enter status update commentaries so providing ongoing communication and feedback.

  • Provides senior management with clear visibility of progress on major initiatives to ensure that when plans go off-track timely corrective action can be taken. You’ll be able to pick out overdue actions or missed milestones at-a-glance, as action plans are traffic-lighted based on progress and deadline date.
  • Proactively manage against deadlines. Put an end to chasing people for action status updates by phone or personal email and save massive effort and time. Covalent constantly tracks against due dates and emails staff reminders to complete actions, or alerts when things change that they need to know about.
  • Track progress of your projects portfolio. You’ll be able to easily compare status and identify overlapping dates with Covalent’s calendar-view, which shows progress for all your projects on traffic-lighted horizontal bars. Covalent removes subjectivity in determining a project’s progress by automatically calculating % complete based on progress of sub-actions and the “importance weighting” of each milestone.
  • Dramatically simplify projects reporting. You’ll get reporting that’s flexible enough to meet modern demands - different audiences looking at the same projects information in various combinations; by owner, by status, by date, by strategy. Covalent saves staff huge amounts of time producing incisive reports that actually tell people something.

Covalent Complaints

Covalent Complaints Helps Boost Customer Confidence and Overall Performance by Offering a Centralised Method of Storing, Progressing and Resolving Customer Issues.

Covalent Complaints centralises and structures the management of Complaints, Compliments, Freedom of Information requests, CCfAs and other forms of customer interaction.

You can set up different stages to allow you to progress the complaint through your normal workflow process and assign actions to each complaint to remedy the problem.

  • Simple dropdown lists ensure the right information is recorded against the complaint. These are configurable and can comprise Complaint type, Complaint Source, Complaint Remedy, Complainant Type and Complainant Ethnicity.
  • Set up default options for remedy types. If a specific action can be taken to remedy a complaint, for example removing refuse that had not been collected or a review/change to the processes of the organisation, a specific default action can be allocated, complete with due dates and subsequent actions.
  • Complaints reporting is built-in, and all just point & click. Covalent is supplied with a library of pre-defined Complaints report templates that cover most requirements. Customer-specific reports can be created using the Covalent Report Central built-in reporting tool.

Covalent KPIs

Covalent KPIs Drives Performance Improvements on the Metrics That Govern Your Strategy’s Success.

Covalent manages all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you have defined as critical performance drivers of your strategy’s success. Each KPI is mapped to one (or more) strategic and operational objective. As results are recorded against target performance levels for each time period, the KPI gauges are traffic-lighted so you can quickly identify any problem areas. With one click you can drill down to more information, assign a corrective action or run an exception report.

  • Focus on the measures that need attention. Gauges, graphs, traffic-lighting and trend icons will bring your data to life, making it understandable ‘at-a-glance’ so you can quickly zoom into the problem areas (if any!). With a couple of clicks you could drill down to more information, assign a corrective action or run an exception report.
  • Make more informed decisions with the full picture. Touch-of-a-button status updates, on screen or on printed reports, quickly show all you need to know. You’ll be able to pick-out patterns over time with trend charting, look forward at future performance against target or benchmark against a similar profile organisation.
  • Proactively manage performance to take action where needed. You won’t have to wade through pages of data to find those few things that should be demanding all the attention. Covalent constantly tracks performance against targets and emails you alerts when things change that you need to know about.

Covalent GPM (Geographic Performance Maps) allows you to examine performance data on a geographic basis. It takes data results for PIs set up in Covalent and displays them in a map layer corresponding to the organisation.s boundaries. Covalent’s unique approach, using SVG files, means you don’t even need to have GIS software to use this module.

Covalent Models

Covalent Models Inspection Management Software Ensures Regulatory Compliance, Alerting You to Low- Scoring Areas and Eliminating the Hassle of Gathering Supporting Evidence for Regulatory Inspectors.

Models is pre-loaded with a host of public sector-specific and other popular Performance Management frameworks (e.g. EFQM, BSC, IiP). Each contains the model structure, Key Lines Of Enquiry (KLOEs), key questions with all the supporting statutory guidance and background information.

  • Make sure you’re complying with the statutory framework. As they work through a self-assessment, staff will have one-click access to guidance notes to direct them towards an appropriate score, based on what inspectors are looking for. Let Covalent deal with the hassle of structuring the process and maintaining all the supporting guidance, in line with any changes made by the regulatory body.
  • Ensure a consistent approach across the organisation. Now you can be sure everyone will complete the assessments in the right way, with Covalent presenting questions in an easy-to-access, structured format, in line with the published guidance. By assigning individual KLOEs or questions to particular users, you spread the admin load that usually goes with completing these assessments, which saves massive time when you need to pull it all together.
  • Take action where you need to, whilst there’s still time. Well in advance of the actual inspection, Covalent will alert you to any problem areas that may impact on your ultimate score. Covalent gives you a traffic-lighted view of the entire model and highlights at-a-glance those lower scoring criteria (red or amber) that merit further attention. You can also track how improvements are coming through by undertaking multiple assessments and comparing Scorecards at different times.

Covalent Reporting

Covalent Reports Contains a Vast Library of Predefined Templates, and an Ad-Hoc Report Generation Tool to Custom Build New Reports.

Reports can be viewed online, distributed electronically to colleagues, exported into other desktop systems or printed in hard copy. Output formats supported are XML, HTML, PDF, Rich Text and CSV format. Using these formats, data can be exported into predefined templates (such as those required for statutory returns) or can be exported to other applications like Microsoft Excel or Word for further data manipulation if required.

Report creation and generation is all .point-and-click. with no coding required. Wizards guide users through the process of creating customised reports from templates using a parameter.driven, point-and-click approach, whereby users select from drop down lists what query they want to run and what they want to show on the report.

The report Query window allows the user to select performance information that matches very specific filter criteria and to then include only results that match those filters.

Report Dossiers allow you to combine a range of individual reports in a sequenced whole mixing report types such as Actions, KPIs and Risks. Additionally, you can incorporate any non-Covalent report document into the Dossier - such as an image file, or a Word/Excel file . and print that in one go with the Covalent reports.

The Covalent Report Layout Editor offers the user total control over colour, fonts and report layout. You use drag & drop to add things to the report layout or move them around to reposition on the page. You can also specify what profile information is included such as organisation logo, header, pagination and various other elements.

Covalent Risks

Covalent Risks Gets Your Staff Actually Managing Risks by Progressing Mitigation Actions and Adjusting Internal Controls.

Covalent Risks offers a superior way to manage risks, replacing inflexible spreadsheets and Word documents. Instead, information is maintained centrally and risks that should be getting the most attention are easily identifiable.

  • Get everyone using a consistent scoring method. Staff will understand the process better and will have a tool to bring risk management into their day-to-day work. Covalent’s two dimensional matrix mapping Likelihood of risk occurrence and risk Impact means you’ll be able to compare risk profiles across the organisation.

  • Identify the issues at-a-glance. Your risk registers will come to life with traffic-lighting and exception reporting focusing people’s attention on areas of concern. Everyone will have immediate one-click access to risks they’re responsible for, with exception reporting to highlight risks’ status.

  • Monitor effectiveness of Internal Controls. You’ll be able to assess the internal controls that have been put in place with supporting information (such as risk profile, risk factors, assessment record or potential effect) just one-click away.

  • Proactively manage risks, with regular reassessments. Put an end to chasing people for updates by phone or personal email and save massive effort and time. Covalent constantly tracks against due dates and emails staff reminders when a risk is due for re-assessment, or alerts when things change that they need to know about.

Covalent Views

Covalent Provides Numerous Visually Engaging Ways to View Information From Different Perspectives.

Covalent Portal gives you one-click access to everything you need to know about. It delivers highly visual status updates, personalised for each user.

Covalent Scorecards manage an ‘Objective Hierarchy’ that cascades from corporate-level through departments and service units down to individual employee scorecards, if desired. This provides a direct line of sight from top to bottom, and clearly communicates the role everyone has to play in achieving strategic and operational objectives.

Covalent Strategy Maps provide a pictorial one-page summary of your strategy scorecard in a visually engaging map.

Covalent Snapshots provide a high level summary of all key data for PIs, Actions and Risks of specific interest to a specific user or department.

Covalent Web Publishing

Covalent Web Publishing allows you to publish data direct from your Covalent system to your website or intranet, allowing you to report data to a wide audience without the need to directly access the system.

Covalent Web Publishing is ideal for providing summary performance information on your public website for citizens, tenants, patients, students and other types of customers. Equally, it can fill a key role in performance reporting within partnerships involving multiple organisations or simply as a better way of keeping staff informed.

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