An Excel-based report writer.

About DexSplicity

DexSplicity is the Excel Add-in financial report writer you have always wanted.

  • Use your Excel skills and Excel formatting you know and love
  • Report on any data (financial, statistical, customer, operational)
  • Filter and slice on different dimensions and hierarchies on the fly
  • Customize your drilldown into any report value

Design Any Report

  • Drag-and-drop accounts, versions, time periods, dimensions, etc. to create any report
  • Include rows and columns, charts and graphs, presentation formatted data, ad-hoc list, or combine them all into one report
  • Leverage your existing Excel report library, start fresh, or both

Include Any Data

  • Use any data important to you – GL, ERP, CRM, HR, SKU, and more&
  • Create reports on financial, customer, vendor, support ticket, product, or any other data across your business

Customize Any Drilldown

  • Report on summary information and drill into underlying details
  • Customize your drilldown to get the same detailed view you want

Publish Many Reports

  • Design one report and publish it using any dimension or combination to automate reports across department, department & division, region, product line, etc&
  • Literally publish hundreds of reports at once, with no more manual copying and pasting required.

Refresh Anytime

  • Update an entire report file with your latest data, using a one-click refresh.
  • No re-keying and no re-formatting, really!

Product Overview

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