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About MidForce BI

Software companies make outlandish claims all the time. Often their technology is only an incremental improvement from what you already own. This time it really is easy to see and measure the difference!

MidForceBI is that massive leap forward that level sets reporting for all organizations, both big & small. Our value proposition & ROI is realized within hours, not months or years.

MidForceBI simply joins data together for reporting with: No SQL, No scripting to learn, No copy & paste. We access data for reporting from ANY source, within minutes, and with no need for technical resources to get the job done.

We think that highly refined reporting and dashboards should be free! So we include ours with the base license or you can keep the one you have.

MidForceBI liberates technical, financial, operations, HR, supply chain, and sales staff from being bogged down by reporting work that reduces them to becoming data serfs. Data Serfs are unable to add value because they spend too much time just getting data to a place so analysis can be done. MidForceBI can drive business forward and save companies, nonprofits, and government agencies tens of millions of dollars a year.

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