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About KPI offers its innovative and cost-effective one stop ERP solution for small and mid-level businesses. It offers seamlessly integrated software that provides a host of applications, which have been designed in mind to reduce on-site back office and administration expenses, while streamlining the core functions of an organisation and providing value addition for clients. Being cloud based enables the management and employees to share information and manage tasks, irrespective of their locations.’s ERP software will change the way your business model functions with discernible improvements in responsiveness and efficiency, leading to an improvement in customer experience and satisfaction, which translates into greater profitability. All of this is available at a very reasonable cost with the price of’s ERP software being out of the most competitive in the industry. The key features of this mainly include the following modules with their own additional features respectively:

  • Project and Resource Management
  • CRM and Sales
  • HR Management and Payroll
  • Financials and Inventory
  • E-commerce
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Document Management
  • Add-ons
  • Training Management
  • Offers a one stop ERP solution package at a very competitive price
  • Reduces data redundancy and being cloud based cuts installation costs
  • Ideal for small or medium size businesses
  • Offers mobile access for Android and iPhone applications
  • Offers Microsoft Office Plug-ins for Outlook, Excel and Word applications
  • Live customer support for all our clients


Easily Manage Your Business Transactions’s accounting module is ideal for small and mid-level businesses, as it seamlessly combines the functions of core accounting with all other sectors of the business, with emphasis on compliance management. Using our cloud based software will not only enhance your business’s performance, but will help to increase financial efficiency and cut down on back office expenses. All of this is made possible through the use of standardized management processes available in’s integrated accounting module. Accounting&Finance gives users an ability to manage:

  • Sales and Accounts Receivable – Sales quotes, orders, invoices – with internal approval workflows, multi-currency, multi language, customer management, customer prepayments and more
  • Procurement – Managing Purchase Orders, Suppliers, Purchase invoices, Landed costs, Accounts Payable, PDCs and more
  • Expense Management – Employee expense management, approvals, receipt attachments, mobile access
  • Inventory Management and Multi Warehouse – Managing inventory, multi warehouses, multi locations, stock control, serial number tracking, expire date tracking and more
  • Fixed Asset Management – Managing fixed assets, types, track depreciation
  • Bank Account Management – Managing multiple bank accounts, bank account transactions, bank reconciliations, bank spend/receive transactions, managing petty cash accounts, tracking the balance
  • Chart of Accounts and Manual Journals – Managing chart of accounts, tracking the balances, post transactions – Manual journals, setting up templates
  • Accounting and Financials Reporting – Ready made standard reports: P&L, Balance Sheet, Budget and Forecast, Customer SOA, Supplier SOA, AR/AP Aging, Stock Valuation and more

Accounting Reports

You have anytime access to critical data of your business’s performance through detailed financial reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Account transactions, Journal reports etc. You can generate accounts receivable aging reports for overdue invoices and unpaid amounts using the date range option. All outstanding supplier bills can also be generated date-wise through accounts payable aging report and the reporting library gives you unlimited access to generate multiple reports. The Manual Transaction feature is of immense use to accountants to manually append journal transactions.

Integration With Other Modules

All areas of your business are incorporated and seamlessly integrated with the software giving you uninterrupted access to vital areas from sales to report generation. From customized reports to inventory management every detail is available at the click of a button.


Online billing/invoicing solution capable of sending invoices to customers emails inside the system. Online billing/invoicing solution is capable of handling recurring invoices, credit notes and paypal payments. Invoices can be linked with any document inside the system including sales orders or leads

Storefront Management

Build your own shopping cart online by putting up all products in your system as catalogue. Flexible pricings and bulk discounts are available. You can optimize online shopping cart experience of your customers by providing commercial discounts and personalized preferences for your products

Procurement and Purchase Orders

Procurement and purchase order requisitions are available and integrated with Inventory management and Sales Order Management capabilities. is flexible for you to use drop shipping capabilities or receive items one by one in order to create bill of materials for manufacturing use.

Integrated ERP/CRM Software

All your accounting/financial data is integrated with all modules of single ERP package. Project management: you can track project based expenses, send project bills to your customers and manage quotes related to project. CRM: you can create quotes for leads, send invoices, manage sales orders by customers and track accounting related cases

Multiple Currencies support multi-currency management in all levels: purchasing, billing, banking and financial reports. You can customize how exchange rates are retrieved once in some period, or automatically from trusted exchange rate providers every time a transaction occurs. All reports can be consolidated with parent accounts

Financial Statements

Your accountants can easily analyze the financial statements at It is possible to drill down to any line item in reports and view the actual transactions. Financial statements can be consolidated with your subsidiary accounts and actual company performance can be visualized in dashboard tools.


Lead Management

As a growing business, you need to find new prospects. You may gets hundreds of business cards today or your customers might just signup for your service and go. In order to keep track of your prospects, you need a strong CRM System. You can manage them through leads at

Entering leads one by one is scary. No, our system will not burden you with this cumbersome hard task. You can receive leads to through signup form, csv document or through your email.

Once leads are there, you can track all activities associated with them. You can log a call, schedule a meeting and write email to the client directly from the system.


Once you have detected a potential business deal from a lead, you can register a new opportunity and work with it. You can keep track of the progress of all opportunities and decide whether you will be spending money on that or not. Because is integrated ERP system, you can also plan it’s budget through accounting module.

If you have a deal with the client, depending on the type of your ogranization, you can either ship him a product, or register a project in the system. Because all the information about the won opportunity is stored in the system, your guys from the other departments will always know the details of the deal, and view the notes made during the negotiations

Ongoing Customer Support

CRM is not just sales and marketing. It is an ongoing process in the organization. You can get to know the issues of your customers and manage them through Case Management solution. It is fully integrated with all email systems. All emails of customers will be received as tickets. Your team can handle all customer cases by writing the emails directly in the system.


Let’s admit it. You need to be organized yourself, before demanding it from others. provides all tools in order for you to be organized.

  • Calendar – Use Calendar to manage time and date of activities and events, categorize, and synchronize with Google Calendar
  • Cases and Tasks – Manage cases, set assignees and complete tasks
  • Message Center – Manage email messaging activities, including mass mailing

Why’s CRM?

Using’s CRM application will enhance client case management and functionality of your business model, as it integrates seamlessly with all other functions, which gives you a clear perspective of all vital areas of business, while improving cost-efficiency. All interactions are stored and can be shared from establishing first contact, initiating a quote, sending proposals, project implementation, creating a purchase inventory, product delivery, shipment etc.

For a sales manager CRM’s cloud based apps offers real time access to team activities, which helps in achieving and forecasting sales targets accurately. Managing customer information is much easier and it improves client interaction. Using the mass mailer tool helps connect to prospective clients for marketing. It also makes it easy to track sales conversions generated from marketing campaigns.’s CRM tool provides easy tracking of leads and sources, while providing real time information to sales team members and generating data for analysis to further improve a business’s profitability.’s CRM consists of 4 basic modules, which are, sales, customer service, email marketing and web forms. Being unique integrated solution, the software allows sales people to generate leads using web forms and mass mailing tool, eventually converting them into sales opportunities and handling them with customer service tool.

Integration With Other Modules

Being seamlessly integrated with Accounting, Finance, Project and Case Management enhances functionality, sales, client interaction and improves delivery times.’s CRM tool comprises key functions including sales, customer service, email-marketing and web forms among others modules. As the entire application is integrated it assists in generating sales through web forms and mass mailing, while all sales conversions are dealt with efficiently through the customer service module

Benefits of CRM

  • Generates sales leads resulting in higher conversions
  • Improves customer satisfaction while increasing sales
  • Automated process enhances employee efficiency
  • Secures key data and offers anytime access
  • Helps to formulate a targeted marketing strategy while increasing profitability

HR & Payroll

Save Time With Employee Self Service. Centralize Your HR Data.

  • HR software lets employees to track their own documents and expiry dates, check-in and check-outs, time-sheet hours and payroll data.
  • View immediate increases in productivity and efficiency by saving HR administrative hours. Employees are able to access any HR-related information from home
  • Employee Self Service is connected with recruiting and on-boarding modules, allowing employees to evaluate their own progress and be a part of company’s culture
  • We provide online demo trainings for your employees to learn the system

Track Attendance. Spend Less Time on Administration.

  • Setup schedules for all employees and communicate with them easily. With easy interface you can setup schedules for different department and teams. Employees can see when they work and system tracks their attendance based on the schedule automatically
  • Simplify staff check-in check-outs without having to use expensive equipment. Your employees can clock-in right in the system.
  • Employees can request leaves, track their own time-sheets Each employee has his own calendar which contains calls, events, tasks, holidays, leave requests and more
  • We provide personal high-level support from the point you start using the system. We advise you how to get started and we help with migrating your data

Recruit Best Talents. Manage Candidates.

  • HR software allows you to publish vacancies and to collect candidates using simple interface. You can import candidates from various sources
  • Collaborate with other HR managers and department leaders while selecting candidates
  • Your candidates can see their recruitment status with limited access to your company
  • Get flexible about HR information with custom fields
  • Hired candidates are automatically seen in Employee on-boarding section.

Make Better Decisions. Analyze HR Performance Easily.

  • View important highlights on HR Dashboard. Take immediate action on pending issues, benefits, leave requests, expense claims and other employee data.
  • Analyze the performance of HR and employees in Reporting section. Drill down and summarize any information with just few clicks.
  • Manage payroll and employee compensation data. Make payments depending on the performance of your employees throughout the system. Setup rules for commissions and benefits. System then allocates them automatically.
  • Setup your own custom report templates and generate automatically them weekly basis.

Create Payslips, Bonuses and Manage Your Payroll Easily

If you are running a business you need to have the right kind of payroll software to help to simplify a rather complex process.’s payroll module does just that, being a one-stop comprehensive solution for managing the payroll of a business with utmost efficiency. Whether you are a HR Manager or an employee you can be assured of the quality of services provided, in all matters related to payroll.’s Payroll module covers a wide range of functions which include all salary related processes including processing pay-slips in bulk. Any loans disbursed to employees can also be tracked using this feature. Another advantage is any cash advance payments are easily tracked through the payroll module. One of the major benefits is that the payment settings are flexible and personalized as per designation and pay band while offering employees access to salary related data via pay-slips. It also offers the facility to add pension related schemes that an employee might opt for.

We offer a customized payroll module for our valued clients in the Middle East, which include WPS and gratuity reports as per their needs.

Why Payroll

Our payroll module provides a comprehensive payroll management service to HR Managers and employees on all payroll related matters. HR Managers can make payments and deductions to employees and generate payslips as well as generate End of Service Report and WPS report (for Middle East companies).

Integration With Other Modules’s payroll module is perfect for HR personnel and administrators who can synchronize it conveniently with their HRMS, Finance and Project Management modules, which assists in salary calculation. Employee salary data is filed and stored in HRMS under employee profile. It integrates perfectly with chart of accounts, while automated salary records are created and filed under the Accounts section.


  • Easy to store and maintain employee financial details with anytime access
  • Both employees and administrators can access information
  • Being integrated with HRMS, Finance and Project management modules makes salary calculation easy
  • Provides accurate and updated financial data
  • Offers the latest and most up-to-date status of the business
  • Easy to use templates for WPS and gratuity reports

Project Management offers online project management software to help your teams perform their best across all parts of your organization.

No matter how many departments involved in the project, enhances communication and transparency to achieve best results.

With you have a centralized control over the timeline, resources and financials.

The ultimate online project management software for effective teams

Plan Projects With Ease. Empower Your Team.

  •’s online project management software lets your project managers to plan projects, work-streams and tasks with easy-to-use Gannt chart tool. Get more visibility of project with sub-tasks, time-sheet hours, and dependencies.
  • Break down complex projects into easily manageable parts using work-streams and task predecessor-successor relationships. You can view task dependencies in Gannt Chart.
  • With centralized Resource Utilization tool, you can view what each of your employees are doing and assign tasks based on that data.
  • Never miss any deadline with daily alerts and sms, email notifications about task and project end dates

Keep Track of Time. Easily Manage Time-Sheets and Spend Less Time on Administration.

  • Save administrative time and money with time-sheets. Put estimates for each of your employees and record it while allocating tasks.
  • Your project team members can log details of each task and track it. You can log both daily or weekly timesheets based on your company settings.
  • online project management software compares estimates with actual figure and provides you real time insights about task status
  • Bill time-sheet billing hours to client using Project-based invoice feature. No integrations. All tools in one place.

Keep Track of Documents. Share From Anywhere.

  • Our online project management software allows you to to share documents per each project, task and work-stream. Team members can view latest version of documents and upload new ones
  • You can integrate your documents with google docs and Microsoft Office 365 platforms.
  • You can store files, videos, images, video clips, graphics, spreadsheets, reports with 5GB of free storage. Get flexible by adding reminders and custom fields to your documents

Book Materials and Rooms for Your Projects. Manage Resource Availability.

  • Add any material resource for your project and indicate how many items are available. You can add laptops, projectors, or any machinery needed to execute the project. You can indicate cost of usage of materials.
  • Your project managers can book items and use them for your projects. You can view the information about the usage of resource in resource utilization tool.
  • View reports based on the usage of materials and people hours. The system shows the total project cost including people and material resources

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