Cash Information Management (CIM)

A web-based cash management software system designed by Gardenia Software Systems.

About Cash Information Management (CIM)

This software is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the banking software page for alternatives.

CIM Overview

True flexibility in a Cash Management System.

The Cash Information Management (CIM) application suite sets the standard for cash management systems on the market today. Whether you’re in banking, retail, gaming, or any other business requiring precision cash or money handling capability, CIM" enables fast, accurate operations and a range of configurable options unmatched in the industry.

CIM’s core application, CIM-Teller-Assist", handles deposit receiving, deposit processing, inventory control, foreign currency management, host-system interfacing and more. Operating with CIM-Voice", CIM-Orders “, CIM-DBMS”, and CIM-Reports", CIM-Teller-Assist handles every cash management require-ment for commercial cash operations. In addition, CIM functions as a marketing and management tool providing insight into customer behavior, enabling targeted marketing efforts, and permitting you to track employee performance.

The CIM" interface is designed for maximum speed and productivity. Large type and simple screen layout allow your employees to take in the information on the screen in one glance.

CIM Benefits:

  • CIM is Fast and User-Friendly: Single Keystroke Select " Comprehensive Customer Database " Multiple Search Functions " Configurable Transactions " Online Calculator with Paste Mode " Teller and Customer Help Text " Highlights Errors " Multilingual & Multicurrency " Learn Mode for New Tellers " Online Documentation " Automatic Fax or Email Transmission for Data and Reports

  • CIM Reduces Response Time & System Cost: Interfaces to Any Note Sorter, Coin Sorter, Currency Counter, Scanner & Endorser " Multi-Level Password Security " Multiple Keys Defined for Most Selections " Reduces Employee Training Time

  • CIM Provides the Data You Need When You Need It: Real-time Inventory View for All Users " Standard Reports Plus On Call Transaction Lists " Consolidates Reporting for Multiple Locations " Supports Virtually Unlimited Inventory Locations " Provides Unattended Voice Response for Orders and Incoming Deposits " Retains Up to 10 Years of Detailed Transaction History " Supports Paper or File Transfer Reporting " Electronic Journal for all Transaction History

  • CIM Fits Most Hardware Configurations: PC with Windows 2000 or newer OS " Pentium Processor · 256 MB Main Memory and 200 MB local Disk Space Available " 2 COM Ports " 1 Parallel Port " (Optional) Printer or Validator of Choice " CIM Software is 32 Bit 100% Win API Compliant

  • CIM Operates on Almost Any Established Equipment: Interfaces with all Coin, Currency, and Document Handling Hardware " Any Mainframe Computer in Real-Time, Batch or Stand Alone Modes " Most IBM Compatible PCs, Wide Area Networks and Mainframe Computers

CIM Features:

  • Device Connectivity: CIM connects to any scanning, counting, sorting, and validating device on the market. (Gardenia Software Systems adds support for new devices as they come to market.)

  • System Simplicity: CIM does not require exceptional hardware configurations: technical requirements are minimal: it works on PC’s running the Windows 2000 (or newer) OS. The only additional requirements are a Pentium processor, 256 MB’s of Main Memory, 200 MB’s local disk space, 2 COM ports, and 1 parallel port. CIM" is 32 Bit 100% Win API Compliant.

  • System Power: CIM allows you to run hundreds of PC’s on the same LAN without degradation, with NT, Novell, UNIX or Linux Servers. CIM" interfaces seamlessly and inexpensively with host systems, ATM control systems, or customer accounting systems.

  • System Integration: CIM integrates all areas and components of a cash handling operation within bank or cash vaults, ATM centers, retail cash rooms, armored carrier services, and casino operations, including Delivery Tracking, Receiving/Scanning, Deposit Processing/Reconciliation, ATM Reconciliation, Order Processing, Voice Response and Management Reporting.

  • Delivery Tracking (Receiving & Distribution: CIM incorporates concepts such as turbo trap, deposit prepping, deposit tracking, tray building, early credit using CIM Voice", provisional credit, and bar code scanning.

  • Deposit Processing: CIM supports up to 320 different user-defined, separately reportable transaction types per Model (specific configuration). CIM" also supports bulk, envelope, ATM deposits, night deposits and customized deposit processing. Models may be configured to accommodate specific customer needs.

  • Order Processing: CIM-Voice" and CIM-Orders" support 2-8 lines per PC, and up to 2400 lines per network. The system speaks 9 languages and allows up to 320 user-definable order items, which can be user restricted. CIM-Voice" also features incoming deposit tracking. Customers can make and maintain location-specific recordings.

  • Inventory Tracking: CIM supports unlimited user and customer inventory locations, both on-site and off-site and automatically updates inventory.

  • Reporting: CIM provides over 100 management reports; for a complete list, see CIM-Reports". All reports automatically make a “data copy” of themselves in a format readable by Lotus, Excel, Quattro Pro, Crystal Reports, or Report Writer – whichever the customers prefers.

  • Customer Communication: CIM-Email" sends any CIM-Report as encrypted email, much faster than conventional email, and usually without having to connect to an online service provider. CIM-Email uses the SMTP email server on an organization’s LAN to connect to the Web and to send email from any PC on the network running the CIM system. Customers receiving the email run the CIM-Email Reader" utility program to decrypt, display, print, or save the email. All CIM-Reports can also be transmitted via CIM-Fax".

The Cash Vault & Cash Office Management Tool

CIM-Reports" is the ultimate cash vault and cash office or cash room manage-ment tool. Using CIM-Reports, managers in organizations running the CIM application are able to view detailed information about all CIM-based activities. CIM-Reports offers a wide array of standard reports and custom reports to meet the specific needs of users.

Standard Reports in the CIM-Reports Application Include:

  • File Management Reports Name Maintenance " Service Fee Maintenance " Signature Maintenance " Interim Consolidation " Consolidation & Reorganization " History File Extract Up to Date

  • Listings and Extract Reports ASCII File Extract-Detail " ASCII File Extract-Summary " Transaction File Listing-Detail " Transaction File Listing-Summary " System Log File " Name & Address Listing " Pinfeed Address Labels/File " Laser Address Labels/File " Customer Profile Sheets

  • Retail Cash Settlement Reports Register Activity " Activity by Item Class & Register " Retail Envelope Summary " Register & Sales Date Activity

  • Delivery Tracking Reports Deliveries by Location " Prepped Deposits " Aged Deliveries " Delivery File by Bag ID Listing

  • Deposit Processing Reports Deposit Activity by Location " Deposits Sorted by Cash Value " Envelope Deposits " Deposit Discrepancy " Deposit Denominations " Deposit Totals by Day of Month " Customer Adjustment Envelope Size " Customer Adjustment MICR " Customer Adjustment Letter

  • Order Processing Reports Order Shipments " Order Shipments Items by Weekday " Pending Order Items by Weekday " Pending Order Amounts by Weekday " Orders Daily Delivery Routes

  • Inventory and Balance Reports Teller & Vault Daily Balance " Teller Inventory " Customer Inventory " Cash-In/Cash-Out Denominations

  • Security Reports Variance Analysis by Teller or Cashier, by Customer, and by Teller / Customer

  • Compliance Reports Large Currency Transactions List " FinCen Form 105 (former 4789) Printing

  • Productivity Reports Teller Activity " Teller Productivity by Group " Transactions by Hour Within Day " Deposits & Orders Daily Volumes by Month " Processed Totals by Month in Year

  • Analysis Reports Deposit & Order Analysis " Deposit Analysis " Order Analysis

  • Forecasting and Planning Reports Forecast Analysis Volumes by Weekday " Forecast Analysis Volumes by Month " Forecast Cash Volumes by Weekday " Forecast Cash Volumes by Month " Re-Order Recommendations by Week " Deposit & Order Item Detail by Weekday

  • ATM Management and Control Reports ATM Cash In & Out by Day of Week " ATM Cash In & Out by Month of Year " ATM Replenishment Recommendation by Week " ATM Item Detail by Day of Week " ATM Special Daily Balance " ATM Emergency Replenishments " ATM Daily Divert Report " ATM Daily Out of Balance Report " ATM Cash In & Out and Vault Balance

  • Profitability and Invoicing Reports Invoice Print & File Creation " Time & Attendance " Profit Contribution by Teller " Maintain Fee Table " Edit Report Header " Edit Report Footer

Product Overview

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