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With the staggering amount of information available in BusinessWorks’ general ledger, it can take hours of tedious work, month after month, to create the powerful reports you can generate in just minutes with State 1. State 1 is easy to learn, easy to use, and easily produces powerful financial reports. Print profiles allow you to print any combination of reports in a single print run. 12 quick start templates are included. The quick start reports use BusinessWorks data and are ready to run or customize.

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Submitted on August 18th, 2015 by Rob from Robert J. Lavoie CPA

State 1 links directly into the database and refreshes all reports automatically whenever the underlying data changes. Unlike the quickbooks version which requires a special database update, the Businessworks reports update whenever you run them and they are fast!

The Good…

I use this for all restaurant clients because you can show gross profit for Food as a % of food sales, beverage as % of bev sales not just total sales. I like the speed of these reports. they are excel like, so except for some right mouse short cuts that are not available in State 1, excel users will find their way around the program quickly. The column headers help to quickly create great reports with more data than any other similar software has on one report.

The Bad…

some of the excel shortcuts would be nice. there are some quirky things about the way the program works like copy and paste sometimes don’t copy every format or formula, often if you use the block copy option, it will do that is missing. Save your work frequently when working on new reports. I have had older versions freeze, so safe often to avoid duplicate work.