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About H&L Management Solution

In short, you need every possible opportunity to maximise your profit. With over 25 years hospitality industry experience, H&L have been listening to and understanding the needs of owners just like you. The result? H&L are expert in providing the opportunities, to build your profit, in ways you may not have even imagined. We help you become more profitable with better Cash Control, easier, more accurate Stocktakes and naturally, through more effective Labour Control.

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Consider Gross Operating Profit (GOP), for example. H&L combines solutions that allow you to see GOP in a meaningful and realistic way! The information you need most is presented brilliantly – in a language you can quickly digest and act upon. At the same time, our easier Management systems give you much more opportunity to be out in your venue, rather than stuck out the back, which allows you to be far more in touch with your business. It’s these kind of benefits which add up to real command over your profitability. What could be more important?

Inventory Control H&L’s Sysnet is inventory control. Use the components you need, to give you the right feeling of control over your business. Choose such elements as POS terminals, handheld scanners and lots more for as much power as you’ll ever need to become astonishingly profitable.

Labour Control

Just as H&L will always remind you, your profitability is heavily dependent on three key areas: Inventory control, Cash control and Labour control. Controlling these aspects is critical to your success. We give you power over these things particularly, for maximum control over your Gross Operating Profit. So consider Labour Control. Labour Control is about ensuring you’ve got the most efficient number of staff on, at your highest peak trading times. Let H&L show you how we’ve got this down to a fine art.

Cash Control

Now you have the power to balance any and all tills to individual operators. Like never before you can simply balance what should be in the cashdrawer. For absolute peace of mind you can even effortlessly track via surveillance that cash is properly going into the cashdrawers. (Learn more about that in our security section.) Reconcile and balance cash by operator, waiter/float and/or Point of Sale.

Inventory Mobile Solutions (GRiP)

At H&L, we’ve learned that for you to become truly profitable, you need to be out on the floor, not stuck in a back office. We’ve made it our life’s work to give you that power. So not only can you get all the information you need at any POS, we also offer you our surprising, Inventory Mobile solutions. These amazing handheld devices simplify your life magnificently. Here’s just some of what you can do:

  • Inventory counts, transfers and ordering by supplier.
  • Not to mention price checks, i.e. scanning the label.
  • You can even check if the price that is on the shelf label matches the price in your system.

What’s more, you scan any barcode and instantly print more shelf labels. …As well as add barcodes to existing inventory, and scan inventory as it’s coming off the truck. Most excitingly you can create instant specials, without further ado!

And we’re not stopping there. Very soon, you’ll be able to use this solution to control time and attendance for staff, with the information instantly updating your system. How very efficient!

Customer - Debtor Control

Allows you to easily receive payments from customer debtors at any POS within your establishment. Since H&L make it less bothersome for customers wishing to clear their accounts, it helps with cashflow and makes you look good.

Email Statement

Keeping money rolling in. That’s the name of the game. H&L makes it happen with your customer-debtors, too. After all, we’re all about trying to reduce your workload and your costs. That’s why H&L’s Customer-Debtors system can automatically generate a pdf which is emailed directly to your customers. The result? Better cashflow.

Supplier Control

Each time you receive inventory, your product data and pricing models are automatically updated. Of course this saves you a lot of time!


Your wholesale suppliers offer great rebates for timely product sales. Yet how do you keep track of them all? Are you being receiving all your rebates? How would you know?

H&L have the answer. Our solution incorporates an incredible Rebate tracker. So easy, this simply tracks rebates as they’re set up in your system. Now you can instantly see how much inventory is sold in the relevant period and more importantly, how much the wholesaler should be paying you! Ensure you get those rebates! …No other solution comes close.

Invoice Scanning and Import (ELAP)

When you receive an invoice from a wholesaler, just scan the invoice. ELAP finds and checks all the critical information from that invoice, and instantly updates your system with the supplier’s ABN, invoice number, product codes, landed unit cost and quantities. No more painful data entry. No more mistakes!

Remote Management

Stressful driving all over town to check on your various venues’ performance is now a thing of the past, thanks to H&L’s brilliant. Remote Management facility. Simply dial-in to any venue to see any aspect of their performance – instantly – right on your Smartphone. What a timesaving!


A huge suite of reports are available from H&L’s unbeatably comprehensive system. Better still, we’ll quickly guide you on choosing the reports that are perfect for your unique circumstances, enabling you to make the most profit-increasing decisions, with ease. You’ll love the much greater feeling of control – it’s priceless.


Our clever dashboard gives you one sensible location of a brilliant resource: Where you can get a quick snapshot of your businesses revenue & profitability on the fly – This of course helps you in making important decisions, fast. (We think you’ll love it!)

Electronic Audit Trail

When errors or issues occur, it’s reassuring to know that H&L helps you to uncover the facts in moments, not hours. Say goodbye to poring through reams of paper. H&L provides you with an effortless Electronic Audit Trail which lets you search through the day’s events instantly and with ease. Search by operator, by table number, by account number or by transaction number. Even search by products! See no-sales…in fact see any information you need, to pinpoint an incident that you want to check. Even better – this amazing system is combined with cameras located at and around all your POS locations. This gives you even more control, more security. For instance if you find a suspect activity using the Electronic Audit Trail, all you have to do is click on that activity to see the camera footage which covers that moment. It’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

User Control

Know exactly who is using your POS terminals at any time, from the seclusion of your back-office system. A full audit-trail is available at your fingertips thanks to easily pre-set user “Profiles”. Monitor any activity and get reports of key information such as Sales; Profit; NoSales; Inactivity…and much more. As you can see we give you the power to easily check on the productivity of all your staff, instantly. In fact you can even track sales of promotional items against profiles, to see who’s selling these items…allowing you (or a supplier) to accurately reward their efforts.

Accounting Interface

The heart of H&L’s management system is in tune with all great accounting packages…It interfaces directly with MYOB, Great Plains, Greentree, Accpac, Simply Accounting and many others to make life even simpler.

Financial Control

We give you the G.O.P. (Revenue minus Cost of Goods, minus Labour). This figure gives you the financial control over the “top” of your profit & loss. It’s so important, because greater control here means your bottom line will soar. Ask us for a thorough explanation today.

Multi Locational Pricing

Let H&L make pricing at all of your outlets at any of your properties more manageable. Each location can choose various pricing models, centrally controlled from head office. Discretionary or nondiscretionary pricing at any of your outlets is controlled by you, which means a greater rein on your profits wherever you need it.

Enterprise Management

Now the power to manage all of your POS at all of your venues is made simple. With H&L, it’s just part of what you can expect. And in this age of global business, it’s just what you need.

Central control lets you quickly and freely change and monitor every aspect of your operations. Set up price rules, for instance, at one or multiple properties, anywhere in Australia or beyond.

If you’re running multiple locations, you’ll like the way H&L simplifies your management choices and makes your life easier. You can choose to centrally manage everything, at every POS throughout your business, or involve some venue management.

As an example, do you want to control price structure, inventory, products listed, labour, packaging etc, all from your office? Or do you want local managers to look after inventory and labour, for instance? It’s up to you; and you can change any decision whenever you like. However you run things, all the data is always centrally available to you, wherever and whenever you need it. To illustrate, when scanning invoices at one of your venues, the scanned invoice data can go into your central management system, instantly.

As you can see, this is going to save you a lot of time; while providing you with accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Buying Group Support

One more thing that H&L will really help you with is centralised control of Buying Group pricing. Specials can be “pushed down” to any or all of your outlets or parts of your outlets; but individual outlets can be allowed rebate control at your discretion. All outlets can conveniently access the right promotional material to give your whole network a truly unified position on loyalty.

Scan Data

As you know, many of your business activities create useful data that can earn you extra profits. How much post-mix is being used and at what bars, or what kegs are being consumed fastest etc, etc. You shouldn’t have to chase up these figures, yet other companies are willing to pay for the information. That’s why we have developed systems that automatically collate the most valuable information so that it can be readily passed on in a format that suits those interested third parties.

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