Business Analysis ES

A software system designed by Intuit.

About Business Analysis ES

Utilizing Business Objects software, Business Analysis ES will help you evaluate your company’s overall performance; and hence will allow you to make better decisions. The interactive dashboard analyzers provide you with quick sales and profitability data and the report builder lets you drag-and-drop to create custom reports in minutes. The system works seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and is available exclusively for Enterprise Solutions users with an active Full Service Plan - at no additional cost.

Standardized Reporting

Business Analysis ES will provide you with an easy drag-and-drop style custom report writer. The system will allow you to get an up-to-date snapshot of your company’s performance with the interactive Sales Performance Analyzer dashboards, which will show you exactly how your products are selling at any point in time.

The system will allow you to analyze data on a much more detailed level than ever before. The system will show you which customers and products have the greatest impact on profitability, allowing you to focus in on the top performers and make adjustments to less than optimum performing customers/products.

Business Analysis ES is loaded with filtering options to ensure that you get the information you need to make your critical business decisions. With the software you can filter customers and products by: custom date ranges, gross margin, gross margin %, gross sales revenue, average days to pay and weighted business impact

Custom Reporting Using the custom report builder you are able to create the exact reports you need. Once you create a report the system automatically updates it each time it is accessed, ensuring you never create the same report twice. The report builder will provide you with the sales and profitability information you need to make the right decision, every time.

Business Analysis ES gives you everything you need to create reports in minutes. The system has powerful and simple drag-and-drop tools that let you create customized reports in no time. This allows you to spend more time analyzing reports. Data in reports is displayed in a Spreadsheet style format, giving you the ability to sort, sum and chart data.

User Reviews of Business Analysis ES

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