A sales analysis application designed by ISS Group.

About iDecisions

iDecisions is a Business Intelligence that will report on the profitability of your customers. The information provided by iDecisions will inform you of the time and money being invested in selling to and supporting your customers. This information will allow you to become more well informed and make better business decisions.

By implementing iDecisions you will enable your company to know which marketing efforts to which customers are truly profitable, through data gathering and reporting. This product will provide you with an illustration of the relationship between sales revenue and sales or customer service activities. This product will gather data across all of your ERP and CRM programs, and will allow you to compare year-to-year customer service requests (which determine customer cost). This extensive data gathering will provide you with the most accurately calculated customer profitability ratings. This product will allow you to proactively monitor performance, against your goals, at all company levels. With iDecisions you are able to access any data source, build instant summaries, analyze trends along multiple categories, find outliers, and understand relationships and causes of changes; all allowing you to make the most well informed decisions possible.

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