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The Instant Business Plan

If you can’t explain your business clearly and quickly, you won’t get the quality and level of investors you want and need. Whether you want their financial backing or emotional support.

There’s only one way to communicate your company vision quickly, accurately, and thoroughly – with a written business plan. Coopers & Lybrand says that firms with written business plans grow faster and gain more revenue from new products.

The Structure is Here, Just Fill In The Blanks You have probably seen or heard of BizPlanBuilder before – the original was first published in 1988, and has been widely used by many successful entrepreneurs and business managers. It features an intuitive open-ended sentence approach that simplifies the process of thinking about your business and your markets.

ýJIAN’s BizPlanBuilder is our BEST BUY because it cuts through the complexity of developing a plan and helps you produce slick-looking results.ý -PCWorld Magazine

You select the level of detail you want-summary, complete, or operating plan-and the software steps you through the process with straightforward questions. It will organize and automate the entire plan-buiding process. Or, you can customize every aspect of your plan as YOU want. BizPlanBuilder also gives you tips and advice from many experts to help you set goals, address your customers, create the financials, and fine-tune your presentation.

ýThe Most Comprehensive Plan On The Marketý The PCWorld reviewers also said, ýBizPlanBuilder also offers a better collection of financial tables, ratios, and projections than any competitor.ý This gives you a much clearer and more accurate picture of where your company stands today. It allows your plan to work as a blueprint for success as well as a vehicle for financing. And, if you’re going to spend the time to create a business plan, why not have it work harder for you?

Designed By a Team of Experts BizPlanBuilder is packed with insights from business planning experts, financiers, and entrepreneurs who have gone through what you are about to do, and hit all the speed bumps you want to avoid. Every step of the way, BizPlanBuilder explains what you are doing and why. And you’ll confidently understand the ins and outs of your business when it comes time to present your plan.

The Structure Makes It Easy to Read & Finance BizPlanBuilder is designed to make your business easy to understand and finance. It uses standard documents and spreadsheets, including BizPlanBuilder’s exclusive one-page Sensitivity Analysis, that bankers and investors have told us they want and need to see. All the formatting is done for you, so you can focus on the business at hand.

Familiar Software Saves Time BizPlanBuilder manages familiar Word and Excel files so there is no new software to learn. All of the documents and spreadsheets are also provided as standard word-processing and spreadsheet templates for Macintosh.

Proven Tools Give You Confidence As the number one best selling business planning software in the world for 10 consecutive years, you know JIAN is doing something rightlike listening to our customers. All of our tools are tested and proven in real life situations. That’s why, when your business is on the line, you want the best: BizPlanBuilder. PCWorld’s Best Buy.

You simply fill in the blanks to build the first draft of your business plan.

BizPlanBuilder’s user interface guides you through the creation of your plan, allowing you to focus on accurately depicting your business instead of formatting the document.

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