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About SuperProbe

SuperProbe Is a Generalized Data Extraction and Analysis Tool.

A user can extract data from large sequential files in ASCII and EBCDIC. It accepts fixed length records, variable length records, and line files (end in carrage return / line feed). A user can access data within segmented IBM variable length records. Data base data is accessed by dumping tables sequentially in fixed form.

Once data has been extracted a user can perform a variety of operations such as selection, calculations, sorting, sampling, summarizing, duplicate checking, merging, joining and printing results.

Auditors use SuperProbe to examine computer files just as they would examine paper files.

Accountants use SuperProbe to locate duplicate payments, unsupported payments, perform various analysis, and generate ad-hoc reports.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

SuperProbe Is a Powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool.

Data can be extracted from one or more systems, and then manipulated to produce an endless variety of reports.

Just about every system can output data as a series of files that are fixed length or have records that end with a carrage return or line feed. This data can then be input into SuperProbe.

Once input, the data can be selected, sorted, inter-related, summarized, or oterwise manipulated to form any report desired.


SuperProbe Is a Generlaized Data Extraction and Analysis Tool Designed for Auditors.

Auditors can extract data from sequential files in both ASCII and EBCDIC. Data base systems are accessed by dumping tables sequentially in fixed form. Source records can be fixed, Line Files (end in CR/LF) or variable length. Users can access data within the segments of variable length records, particularly those created by COBOL programs.

Once the data has been extracted the Auditor can perform many audit tests by selection, calculation, sampling, summarizing, sorting, duplicate checking, merging, and joining. Final results can be printed and exported to files suitable for spread sheet or data base input.

SuperProbe provides a detailed report of all function performed in a form suitable for working paper and review.

System Conversion

SuperProbe Is a Powerful Tool to Assist in System Conversions.

Data Conversion

Data from the old system can be extracted by SuperProbe and then formatted into a form suitable for loading into the new system.

Data input can be from a variety of file formats both in EBCDIC and ASCII. It is particularly adept at inputting files generated by COBOL programs.

Once input, the data can be manipulated using selection, calculation, sorting, summarizing, etc. to create new files. The new files can be output as fixed length or comma delimited ASCII files.

Paralled Run Verification

SuperProbe can be used verify that a cunversion is successful by comparing the output of parallel runs. It can be used to highlight any descrepencies between the old and new system.

Online Processing Verification

SuperProbe can be used to re-process online transactions in batch and then compare that output to an end of period dump. This is a powerful method of verifying the accuracy of online systems.

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