A web-based multi-module management system designed by KeyedIn Solutions for manufacturing companies.

About KeyedIn Projects

From Bidding to Billing, Projects to Programs, Board Executives to Teams in the Field, KeyedIn Projects Operates at Every Stage of the Project Lifecycle, Empowering Managers With the Information They Need to Deliver Successful Projects, Time After Time.

KeyedIn Projects combines powerful project management software with program and portfolio management capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution that drives project success. It:

  • offers intuitive and flexible tools for project planning, helping you identify resource requirements, devise schedules and build accurate estimates using built-in, customizable templates

  • provides a centralized project workspace for each project, enabling your project teams to collaborate more effectively

  • includes user-friendly forms for recording time and expenses. All details are automatically updated so project managers can constantly monitor budgets and project progress

  • automates billing and other time-consuming management tasks, reducing the admin burden on project managers.

Together, these features give project managers comprehensive visibility of every detail of their project, from a single, usable interface. But crucially, this same centralized store of project information also underpins program management. It:

  • supports reporting to executive level, offering a range of customizable dashboards and indicators to help monitor project and program risk at different levels

  • facilitates organization-wide resource management, giving a true view of current commitments and chargeability

  • strengthens your ability to cope with changes – helping you assess the impact on the cost and schedule of individual projects, and wider programs

  • underpins strategic project selection.

Designed from the outset as a true SaaS solution, KeyedIn Projects is secure, scalable and flexible, and integrates seamlessly with other enterprise tools. Because it’s delivered via the cloud, there’s no CapEx, no lengthy implementation program and no complex upgrades.

Instead, the combination of software usability and SaaS delivery means you could be up and running with KeyedIn Projects in literally a matter of days.

Professional Service Automation

It’s Time for Professional Services Organizations to Wrestle Back Control. to Increase Visibility of Every Project in Their Portfolio. to Manage Risk More Effectively. to Make More Effective Use of Resources – Deploying Talent More Strategically to Maximize Productivity and Chargeability.

With KeyedIn" Projects, that’s exactly what you can do. KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated professional services automation software solution designed to help you improve every aspect of project delivery. Connecting easily with your existing systems, KeyedIn Projects gives you the control and insight you need to ensure resources are used strategically, risks addressed, and costs managed tightly throughout.

KeyedIn Projects offers all the benefits of PSA software, within a broader solution that also supports team collaboration and executive reporting. You can select which processes you want to automate, and customise steps within them.

Automate and Accelerate

By automating a host of core processes involved in service delivery, KeyedIn Projects helps cut the time spent on everyday project admin and accelerate tasks such as financial reporting and billing. As soon as certain user-defined thresholds are reached, the next stage in the process is triggered – whether that’s creating an invoice or sending instructions to a specific team member.

Capture and Control

As well as offering comprehensive time and expense recording, capturing the latest information about every task, KeyedIn Projects gives project and program managers the ability to act on the knowledge: escalating problems, implementing changes.

Analyze and Optimize

By gathering every detail about every project in a single solution, KeyedIn Projects helps you analyze which processes are causing delays and where resources are being under-utilized or over-stretched. You can then optimize the project by introducing process changes to address these issues.

Calculate and Charge

KeyedIn Projects supports multiple billing types including time & materials billing, fixed price billing, capped billing, milestone billing, advance billing and repeat billing. The system is highly configurable, and supports ad hoc invoicing as well as complex chargeability calculations.

Program Management

The Integrated Program Management Software Within KeyedIn" Projects Offers a Broad Range of Tools and Features to Underpin Effective Program Management, Over and Above KeyedIn Projects Core Project Management Functionality.

By providing a single, consolidated view of every task, status, cost and deliverable, KeyedIn Projects empowers program managers with the information they need, in the way they need it. Whether that’s simply tracking risks, benefits and overall progress across inter-connected projects, rapidly drilling down to identify potential issues or analyzing the precise detail of individual tasks within individual projects, KeyedIn Projects offers a range of tools to improve project governance and enable early intervention to avert project failure.

Standardize and Scrutinize

To keep track of a multi-project program, you need standard reports and indicators that make it easy to monitor progress. KeyedIn Projects allows you to introduce and (where necessary) impose standardized ways of working, such as templates for reports, so you can scrutinize every detail in the way you need to.

Analyze and Adapt

A seemingly innocuous change in one project can derail a wider program. When change requests come in, KeyedIn Projects makes it easy to assess their impact. Identify exactly who and what would be affected, and how. Then model different scenarios and options to find the least disruptive solution. Then, easily update program documents within KeyedIn Projects: enter data once and it’s rolled out across the whole program.

Implement and Improve

Introduce new ways of working that make a tangible difference to project and program success. From automated billing to customizable alerts to more usable timesheets, KeyedIn Projects helps you make simple but effective changes across the business.

Co-Ordinate and Control

KeyedIn Projects not only provides you with the management dashboard that helps you see what’s going on across each project, it also gives you the ability to act. From a single central point, you can log issues, create resolution plans, assign actions and rapidly reallocate resources from across the business to keep the overall program on track.

Project Management

Improve the Consistency of Project Management Processes, Forecast Cost and Revenue More Accurately and Analyze and Monitor Risk More Effectively.

KeyedIn" Projects provides a comprehensive solution for project management. It incorporates standard online project management software tools – such as Gantt charts, risk registers and status reports – making it highly usable and flexible. But crucially, it links all the different aspects of a project together, in a single solution that increases your ability to drive project success.

Plan and Execute

Consign multiple scattered spread sheets to history. KeyedIn Projects not only gives you all the tools you need to plan a project – building schedules, budgets and task lists – but also supports you throughout delivery. You can see what’s happening where, and when, and understand exactly how the project is progressing against the plans you made.

Record and Report

Keeping track of time and budget is an essential part of project management success. KeyedIn Projects includes an intuitive time recording tool, with flexible timesheets, that means there’s no excuse for your team not submitting on time. Then you can create ad hoc or scheduled reports with the latest details.

Integrate and Collaborate

KeyedIn Projects integrates seamlessly with other enterprise software, including ERP and CRM, eliminating duplication of data entry. It also provides intuitive web-based project collaboration features, that ensure the whole team has access to the information they need, and offering a forum for discussing and resolving issues.

Alert and Adapt

You can set up your own alerts for the risks that matter most – and when things change, KeyedIn Projects help you adapt. Move a deadline on a task, and the rest of the project documentation can automatically update too, including to-do lists and individual schedules. Less effort, more impact.

Project Portfolio Management

KeyedIn" Projects Is a Fully Integrated Project Portfolio Management Software Solution, Enhancing Your Ability to Select and Prioritize the Right Projects – Through Ensuring Alignment With Business Strategy, Detailed Cost/benefit Forecasting, Strategic Risk Analysis and Long Term Resource Capability Planning.

With KeyedIn Projects, portfolio managers use exactly the same management tool as the individual project managers they direct. That means it’s far easier to share information, make informed decisions about the prioritization of programs and projects, make go, no-go stage gate decisions, or decide when and if to reallocate resource across the portfolio – as well as maintain a clear view of the bigger picture and where necessary drill down into the detail.

This results in enhanced reporting, increased responsiveness and a richer understanding of the potential consequences of every change in project scope.

Align Strategy and Delivery

From providing a controlled start-up process, to supporting you in balancing short, medium and long-term projects across the portfolio, KeyedIn Projects facilitates strategic alignment – in project selection and in delivery. You can see where delays or changes jeopardize the achievement of strategic goals and targets, and respond.

Prioritize and Plan Ahead

In project portfolio management, you constantly have to make decisions about priorities across multiple projects: do you shift resources to keep project A on track at the risk of delaying project B? KeyedIn Projects helps you make informed decisions about where your priorities should lie, based on a full understanding of the consequences across the whole portfolio. It also helps you look into the longer term, identifying whether existing resources could cope with additional projects. If not, you can decide whether to recruit, reallocate or reject the opportunity.

Analyze and Adapt

A seemingly innocuous change in one project can have a significant impact on the entire project portfolio. When change requests come in, you can analyze their impact using KeyedIn Projects – seeing exactly who and what would be affected, and how. If you decide to accept the scope change, you can easily update project and program schedules within KeyedIn Projects: enter data once and it’s rolled out across the whole business

Standardize and Scrutinize

To keep track of a multi-project portfolio, you need standard reports and indicators that make it easy to monitor progress. KeyedIn Projects PPM software allows you to introduce and (where necessary) impose standardized ways of working, such as templates for reports, so you can scrutinize every detail in the way you need to.

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User Reviews of KeyedIn Projects

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Kate

Before KeyedIn, we worked as three separate groups—engineering, operations, and customer installations. KeyedIn was huge for us in allowing us to bring in engineering projects that handle product releases, operation projects that would be maintaining our existing platforms, and then customer projects that were ongoing and fast-paced. Before we had no way of tracking that. KeyedIn’s dashboards allows us to see each one of those areas separately or all at once.

KeyedIn helps us deliver more projects on time. Our techs can see their priorities and can tell where a request falls on the priority list. Response from senior management has been exceptional—they can go in and run a real-time information on the projects.