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eProphet Business Intelligence

A business intelligence application designed by MaxQ Technologies.
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eProphet Business Intelligence Series is an interactive, complete, cost effective Business Intelligence solution that provides you with one simple solution to take information from any source (across your organization) for multi-dimensional reporting and analysis.

eProphet is an effective Business Intelligence solution that can:

  • Produce real, measurable productivity gains
  • Leverage existing knowledge and increase ROI on your current IT, operational and accounting systems
  • Drive profitability and increase the value of your organization

eProphet Framework

eProphet Framework is the foundation of the e-Prophet solution. Framework integrates to Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the packaged solution to include data from other systems.

eProphet Product Data Activity (PDA)

eProphet Product Data Activity (PDA) uses customer provided EDI 852 transmitted sales activity to track sell-through statistics,forecast and track information about net sales by week, month and YTD performance on promotions and identify where products are or are not selling. Calculate average weekly inventory turns to identify how product levels increase/decrease then use that information for more effective production and purchase planning to get greater fill rates and fewer stock-outs.

eProphet Project Analysis (PA)

eProphet Project Analysis (PA) is your sole source of information for project activity and analysis. PA analyzes your projects for all companies, from all angles and all sources - including archival data you thought was inaccessible. Analyze detail of employee’s activities, compare how you’re doing against budget and drill down to the transaction detail to identify problems.

eProphet Sales Analysis

eProphet Sales Analysis drills down to perform detailed sales reporting, forecasting and analysis on all key performance indicators (KPI’s) including products, customers, sales reps, time periods, bookings, returns, demographics, custom attributes and more!

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