Spotlight BI

A report writer application designed by Minett Solutions for retail trade companies.

About Spotlight BI

If you are a chain retailer and you need to streamline your decision making processes, Spotlight BI is the solution for you. This powerful report writer will give you exactly what you need to know, no more, no less. This product will free you and your fellow executives from the lengthy, unmanageable reports you were formerly receiving.

Spotlight BI gives you many advantages in your report writing capabilities; and hence, in your ability to read and review those reports. The drill-down, multi-graphical analysis allows you to identify key strategies; and the ability to e-mail charts and graphs allows you to convey the reasoning behind decisions to others in your organization, in an efficient manner. The following reports are included:

  • Top 10
  • Ranking - a quick-glance report that gives you an accurate summary of the profitable and not-so-profitable areas of your organization.
  • Exception Stoplight reports - these reports are generated automatically when some operation falls out of the ýordinary.ý This exception based report allows you to focus on running your business instead of wading through piles of paper to diagnose problems, that you aren’t even certain exist.
  • Percentage of Change
  • Proportion of Business - This reporting feature actively tracks any category’s performance while transactions are occurring in the system. This, in turn, gives you the ability to maintain a dynamic real-time understanding of item movement, receipt volume, store margin and even salesperson performance. Thereby enabling you to make more appropriate sales quotas and more strategic budgets.
  • Alert/Guide
  • Trend Variance
  • Percent of Prior Period
  • Briefing Book

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