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About mo'mix Performance Center

An Innovative Approach to Public Sector Budgeting Software

Mo’mix Performance CenterSM is a suite of cloud based, mobile ready, performance management solutions that include prebuilt environments to support business intelligence, open data, transparency, migration and transformation of silo data into new systems, budget planning, forecasting, and powerful analytics.

We specialize in helping local governments organizations build trust – trust in your data, trust in your decisions, and trust from those you serve. We’ll help you get the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. With data silos growing the influx of data can either cloud understanding, or give you illumination and understanding of your performance based on your past, your present and your future.

Mo’mix Performance Center Budget Formulation and Management Center (BFM) is a Cloud based SaaS solution that provides budget offices and departments the tools to prepare and manage budgets, provide print-ready and ad hoc reporting, empower more efficient grants and user fee management all with a small infrastructure footprint. Integrated with our Performance Center Suite (Intelligence and Transparency Applications) BFM was designed by our Public Sector Budgeting experts to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP applications giving you the tools you need to prioritize, analyze, and align strategic objectives as you also prepare, manage and even share your budget, actuals and easy to understand visualizations with constituents.

Key Features:

  • Supports Budget Preparation for Operating, Capital, Revenue, Grants, and Personnel Cost Forecasting.
  • Collaborate and Align Strategic Budget Priorities.
  • Built-in efficiencies for end users–spend more time on analysis and high-value work.
  • Accurate and extremely fast forecasting engine with what-if capabilities.
  • Easy to Use Projection and Trend Analytics and Ad Hoc Reports.
  • What If Calculations, Spending Trends, and Grant Reports.
  • Budget Book Preparation.
  • Unlimited History.
  • Cloud/Subscription includes no Additional Costs for Upgrades or Maintenance.

Budget Center

Budget Formulation & Management

  • Easy-to-Use Input Forms
  • Unlimited Years of History
  • Budget Requests & Workflows
  • Budgeting “What If” Scenarios
  • No Redundant Spreadsheets
  • Budget Reporting & Publishing .

Intelligence Center

Business Intelligence for Government

  • Decision Cubes with 400+ Reports
  • Actionable Data and Metrics
  • Key Performance Dashboards
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Improves Compliance
  • Expedites CAFR & PAFR Production
  • Drill-down to Transactions
  • Intuitive Analyzers & Visualizations
  • Plan, Forecast, and Reconcile

Migration Center

Migrating & Validating Legacy Data

  • Connect to Any ERP
  • Automate Data Migration
  • Expedite Clean Up of Data
  • Rules for Validation
  • Load Template Creation
  • Automated Error Reports

Transparency Center

Open Data Transparency Platform

  • 360° Visual Flow of Public Dollars
  • Publish Open Data in Meaningful Ways
  • Integrates with Your Existing Website
  • Pre-Packaged Best Practices Templates
  • Reduces Information Requests

Product Overview

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  • Type BI Tools

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