A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by MTI Systems for manufacturing companies.

About Costimator OEM

Costimator OEM is used by many manufacturing organizations to identify available cost reduction opportunities throughout the product development lifecycle. This product will allow you to quickly and easily identify cost drivers in the products you design, manufacture, and procure. The software then uses this information to explore alternatives to design and manufacturing methods; enabling you to produce lower cost products with higher profit margins.

Costimator OEM is your complete cost management and estimating solution. This product features a database of information from over 1000 suppliers and OEM’s. This large amount of information is shared with you and is constantly updated. With Costimator OEM you are given two methods of creating cost models:

  • Bottom-up - A bottom-up cost model allows you to use the data library to find the exact machine and the time it would take to produce the estimated good. The time and machine are found for each step of the total production processes allowing you to view the cost of each operation. Using these individual operation costs you can construct a total cost estimate from the bottom-up and view each cost component.
  • Parametric - Parametric cost models are created using regression analysis tables within Costimator OEM. All parametric models can be generated for single or multiple level parts and assemblies.

Costimator OEM will provide you with extensive organizational benefits, giving you the ability to:

  • Determine the most cost effective designs
  • Trade off cost factors with other product attributes
  • Redesign parts at lower costs
  • Analyze current process methods, times and costs
  • Calculate prototype and production costs
  • Utilize ýShould Costý models for negotiations with suppliers
  • Find the best process-supplier match
  • Meet cost targets for new programs
  • Reduce cost of programs in production
  • Maintain an accurate current cost roll-up of all programs

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Costimator OEM

Submitted on August 3rd, 2020 by J Demaco

A real time save for calculating manufacturing time an cost

The Good…

Automatically bring in the manufacturing features

The Bad…

takes a couple of days to learn

Submitted on September 17th, 2017 by Tony

This software doesn’t work. It provides inaccurate and unreliable quotes because it doesn’t accurately estimate machining time. It doesn’t even take the size of the stock into consideration when estimating machine time. It uses simple spreadsheet style formulas to calculate general cycle times but is far from accurate

The Good…

It’s very simple. Weak, but simple

The Bad…

It’s inaccurate. It’s cumbersome. It doesn’t look at the material size when estimating machine time. A complete waste of money actually