A web-based multi-module management system designed by NetStandard.

About OverView

OverView is a dashboard-like management reporting tool that integrates with the Great Plains family of products. The core reports include Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable and Financials.

OverView’s management reports are real-time, customizable and viewable from a secure browser.

With OverView, managers can ýslice and diceý company numbers for in-depth analysis without help from the accounting department. No knowledge of Great Plains software is needed to use the OverView management reports. OverView is so intuitive and easy to use that it requires no training!

Just choose the date range to analyze, then click once. The report display appears. Want to know the detail behind any number that is displayed?

Click on that number to drill down as deep as required, even to the listing of individual transactions behind a given number.

Overview runs on a Linux appliance that is included in the purchase price.

Accounts Receivable

Users can analyze Accounts Receivable by any date range. Accounts can be custom-sorted according to the users criteria.

For example, a user can choose to display only accounts with an AR balance greater than $5000 and with more than $500 over 30 days.

Those accounts can then be sorted in descending order from greatest to smallest as a tool for collections calling. The collections person can even drill down to the invoice level with a click.

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow Module shows Beginning Balance, Additions, Reductions and cash Ending Balance for any given time period.

Users can analyze the aggregated components in each category by clicking on it. For example, clicking on Reductions displays the individual cash Reduction line items.

With a click on the line item, users can analyze details down to the transaction level for each Reduction in cash.


The Financials module displays financial results in both Balance Sheet and P&L format for analysis by any time period.

Managers can make financial projections based on historical data and user-defined criteria.

Financial views can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with the click of a button and they can also be emailed as a delimited text file for collaboration.

Using a top down approach to analysis, managers can drill down through the details underlying the numbers.

For example, managers can step through total sales, then sales by category, then sales by account number and even down to account activity detail–without any knowledge of the Great Plains Accounting software.

Product Overview

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