Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

A financial consolidation and reporting software for mid-sized and large organizations.

About Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology and designed to be used and maintained by the finance team. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, meet global regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers.

Meet Today’s Stringent Reporting Regulations

Many finance executives face the daunting task of consolidating their organizations’ financial and operating results using spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and audit. Some are encumbered with custom reporting solutions that don’t scale or address global requirements, while others are dependent on general ledger-based approaches that can’t pull data from numerous transactional systems without significant IT support.

What is needed is a single version of the truth–one view of financial and operational results integrated from multiple systems–without delays. With Oracle Hyperion Financial Management–part of Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Close Suite --organizations can improve their consolidation and reporting process and reduce internal control risks. Financial managers move from the role of scorekeeper to one of business partner–delivering financial and non-financial analysis that supports strategic and operational management decisions. With purpose-built features, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is the cornerstone of sustainable compliance frameworks and helps businesses comply with the many different and stringent regulatory reporting regulations.

Unlike solutions that depend on particular transaction systems or “all-in-one” applications that focus unsuccessfully on many different business processes, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management provides enterprise-class functionality and depth in consolidation and reporting. In addition, the module is used and maintained by finance professionals–unlike data warehouse and other enterprise reporting solutions that usually require IT customization and support.

Customers can also extend the information included in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management through the tight integration with Supplemental Detail Manager (part of Oracle Financial Close Management). The integration provides the ability to include more granular detail needed for statutory reporting such as investment details (coupon rate, instrument, maturity date, etc).

Improve Close Cycle Times

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management can reduce consolidation and reporting cycles by days or weeks. By minimizing the need to enter, check, and double-check actual results, the finance team can spend more time on forward-looking activities. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is an integrated part of the Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite which takes organizations to new levels of efficiency and automation.

Reduce the Cost of Compliance

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management delivers one version of the truth through the Web, thereby improving organizations’ internal and external transparency. Now, they can reduce and replace manual control procedures with automated and preventative controls that ultimately reduce processing and auditing costs. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is integrated with Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management for the streamlined creation of regulatory reports with embedded XBRL support.

Gain In-Depth Operational Insights Easily

With Oracle Hyperion Financial Management organizations can combine financial and non-financial results for greater insight into performance metrics. They can analyze consolidated information across unlimited user defined dimensions including company, product, brand, and customer.

Reduce Control Risk With Complete Audit Trails and Other Controls

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management reduces “control risk” with complete audit trails, workflows, internal review and certifications, controls, and validations so organizations can be confident in their numbers. Intercompany balances are matched and eliminated, foreign currency is properly calculated in accordance with local GAAP or IFRS principles, cash flow statements are automatically produced, and minority interests are properly accounted for. Also, with expanded text handling and document attachment capabilities, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management acts as an “electronic binder” for all financial-close related documents.

Intercompany Transaction Matching Module

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management includes a purpose built intercompany transaction matching module. The module provides an efficient way to identify, reconcile and report on intercompany account differences at a transaction, or ‘invoice’ level. Organizations can capture, match, and resolve intercompany differences across currencies. End users can enter comments and reason codes to help in the resolution process.

Perform Versatile Scenario Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management offers flexible what-if scenario management so users can dynamically consolidate and report on all financial budgets, forecasts, and plans. Then, as assumptions and facts change, they can easily and quickly produce new statements and views of results.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Reporting and Analysis Tools

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management includes a powerful production report writer–Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Enterprise Edition. Also included is Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office–a Microsoft Office interface that enables both entry and reporting of information. All these components are designed for use by the finance team as well as self-service access by line management. No IT management or programming expertise is needed. Features include the ability to embed information as Microsoft Smart Tags for seamless integration with the Microsoft Office tools.

Also available is Oracle Financial Management Analytics which delivers pre-defined and user generated management dashboards directly from the data held in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management. These dashboards can be accessed from Mobile devices including iPads and iPhones.

Financial Consolidation and Reporting Features

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management provides intercompany eliminations, multicurrency translations, and minority interest calculations, delivering them quickly and cost-effectively out of the box. It also incorporates U.S.-GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), and local statutory requirements to ensure report accuracy and compliance. Specific starter kits are available, to assist customer implementations, for IFRS, Japanese GAAP and Sustainability Reporting through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. In addition a special module is available for Solvency II Qualitative Management Reporting.

Web-Based Architecture Gives Anywhere, Anytime Access

The Web-based architecture of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management lets users input, consolidate, and access global financial information quickly, easily, and securely from any location using a standard browser. Relational data storage ensures that mission critical data is available to users anywhere at any time.

Access Information From Mobile Devices

With today’s busy lifestyle users of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management need to be able to access their information from a variety of sources. Besides the traditional PC access, information contained in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management can be accessed through mobile devices such as tablets and phones providing any time access to critical close data from workflow to reporting and analysis.

Deploys Easily and Integrates With Existing Investments

The packaged functionality of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management reduces customization requirements so it can be deployed easily and delivers benefit quickly.

Designed to consolidate information from multiple, disparate sources, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management works with existing Oracle and non-Oracle transaction systems, data warehouses, and other sources. Implementing the module does not require changes to underlying transaction systems, so organizations can save further on integration costs and efforts.

Alternatively, the powerful Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition is a popular option for an end-user focused integration process. By eliminating technical complexity through simple but powerful user interfaces, the Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition application shifts data management responsibility from the IT department to the finance team. This means the design, configuration, and maintenance of mapping rules and validations fall squarely within the domain of finance. This is a key factor in realizing a successful financial close because the complexity of data relationships requires deep accounting and finance expertise. In the meantime, the IT department is relieved of supporting intricate interfaces more easily maintained by the finance community.

Industry-standard tools and open application-programming interfaces can customize and extend the application’s functionality. In addition, it is easy to share data between Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Essbase or data warehouses, by using Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management.

Choose Your Preferred Operating Platform

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is now available on multiple operating platforms. It can be used on the traditional Windows environment. However, customers now have their choice between Windows and Linux or Solaris using Oracle’s Exalytics hardware. This allows customers to use the platform that fits their needs and philosophy.

Over Four Thousand Customers Agree

As a market-leading application adopted by over 4,000 organizations, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is used today by some of the world’s largest and most complex corporations. Each month, each quarter, and every year, customers rely on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management for high quality consolidation and reporting that passes audits and reduces their costs of compliance.

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