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A multi-module management system designed by PowerPlan.
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Are you frustrated with your existing budgeting methods and processes? Does the need for redundant data entry concern you? Are you lacking a centralized and trusted data source? Would a vehicle for business collaboration and communication allow you to engage in a more distributed budgeting process? Are you looking to reduce the time it takes to get through your budget cycle? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the PowerPlan integrated budgeting solution can help you. Since 1998, businesses like yours have looked to PowerPlan to remedy these challenges and in the process, have benefited from the PowerPlan team’s in-depth product knowledge and vast domain experience. PowerPlan is used across a diverse set of industries and over the past several years has built verticals with Non-Profit organizations, Public Sector jurisdictions, and the Healthcare sector – all for which the PowerPlan solution has an exceptional fit. Whether you are seeking a solution to help your organization develop the Operating Budget, formulate detailed Personnel Projections and payroll costs by position and/or employee, prepare the Capital Budget, develop Forecasts and/or Multi-Year Plans, or perform and analyze What-If Scenarios, we believe that you too will benefit from PowerPlan’s inherent and intuitive product functionality, and the system’s ability to accommodate an ‘unlimited’ number of scenarios.

Capital Budgets

Your organization can make use of PowerPlan’s ability to prepare, approve and monitor Capital requests that may be for a single fiscal year or may span multiple fiscal years. Your users will have the ability to define supporting details for each request, can attach any external documents that provide additional backup details or justification, and can subsequently generate summary and/or detailed Capital reports.

Operating Budgeting Module

Your organization can take advantage of PowerPlan’s configurable and flexible capabilities. Whether you have the need to create Annual, Biennial, or Multi-Year Operating Budgets, PowerPlan can accommodate your requirement. You may opt to have your users start with a baseline plan that reflects copied or projected data from another year and/or scenario, or have them begin planning with a clean slate. In either case, your users will have access to a variety of data input functionality to assist them in their budget development process.

Personnel/Payroll Budgeting

Your organization is sure to benefit from PowerPlan’s ability to manage, budget, plan, track, forecast and analyze payroll related expenses down to the individual position and/or employee level. You have the ability to categorize employees to facilitate salary adjustments and to plan for common benefits scheduled to take effect at designated time intervals. You may also allocate or split personnel across multiple cost centers, projects, etc., to build a more accurate budget.

PowerLink Module

PowerLink supports importing data via flat file transfers and can therefore accept files from/to any legacy system that supports this capability. Data imports can take place as frequently as desired (e.g., monthly, weekly or nightly) and can be automated by creating a batch job.

PowerSet Module

PowerSet is the system configuration and post-implementation management tool. Business rules along with a major portion of the data used by the main PowerPlan program resides in this module. PowerSet is a controlled application typically distributed to and intended for use by the System Administrator(s).

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