Qvinci One Touch

A software system designed by Qvinci Software for real estate & property management companies.

About Qvinci One Touch

With one click, Qvinci lets business owners see all areas of their business visually. Qvinci" literally shows you expenses, income, cost of goods, etc and how they relate to each other. From here, you can project future results based on your past data and set early warning indicators to let you know when you are on target, will go over your budget, or miss an income or sales goal. Qvinci" is much more than an attractive dashboard. It is a total business solution.

Qvinci" is a low cost and easy to use QuickBooks® add-on designed for any size business or expertise, whether you are a small business owner, CPA, Pro Advisor, or consultant. It is framed on a graphic dashboard which has built-in, ready to use modules including trending capabilities, forward looking tools, and performance indicators, as well as many others. Qvinci" uses dashboards and forward looking tools to allow you to proactively manage your business.

OneTouch is designed for the business owner with one to three employees who just wants the basics. OneTouch can be configured in less than 1 minute. Only $9.99/month.

OneTouch is the perfect fit for first-time managers or very light QuickBooks® users. This model is intended for small business owners with 1 - 3 employees who only want the basics.

Of course, the Standard and Pro model can be used in lieu of OneTouch.

Qvinci One Touch Includes:

  • Dashboard
  • Top Ten
  • Aging Reports
  • 3/3 Triggers
  • Current Ratios
  • Quick Ratios

Compatibile Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista

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