Remittance Solutions

A multi-module management system designed by The Weiland Financial Group.

About Remittance Solutions

Bank Relationship Manager: Receive analysis data electronically or manually from all of your banks and consolidate data into a format that permits comprehensive review.

Bank Administrator: Eliminate the repetitious chore of managing muliple bank accounts and save time handling numerous bank signatories

Bank Relationship Manager (BRM")

BRM" is used to help financial analysts and cash managers understand and work with all types of analysis statements. BRM supports analysis statements in any format, including the format defined by the Treasury Management Association. BRM also enables banks to check the accuracy of their 822 electronic transmissions before they are sent out to customers. By using BRM, banks gain a better understanding of how their customers use account analysis statements. Some of BRM’s capabilities include: immediate, online review of statements as received from generating institutions; a check of all statements for expanded balances, rates, service volumes and prices; maintenance of detailed historical statements for every account for the current month and each or the previous 24 months; a wide range of decision support and trend reporting to simplify the management of analysis data.


Streamline financial institution signatory management across your organization with this world-class web solution. Bank Administrator Web (BAWeb) goes far beyond any Excel" spreadsheet or treasury workstation. With its enhanced international capabilities, BAWeb" eliminates the repetition associated with managing multiple bank relationships and complicated authorities by systematically relating bank accounts, account contacts, account signatories, signatory limits, and authorities with each parent company or subsidiary. Correspondence is automated to open or close accounts or make changes to the signers. Audit requirements are readily met.

A Few Features of BAWeb:

  • Organizes account information
  • Manages signers
  • Utilizes letter templates to generate letters or perform mass mailings
  • Controls accounts
  • Tracks bank safety ratings
  • Assists with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Optional Business Process Management module

BAWeb" enables you to efficiently meet security requirements and eliminate the repetitive chores associated with managing signatories for national or international financial institution relationships.


BRMEdge" is an account analysis system that delivers the next level of automation. BRMEdge" features a customizable dashboard, automatic fee processing and error tracking. This solution is designed to fit your needs, based on input from hundreds of Bank Relationship Manager" users. Bank Relationship Manager Edge" has been the number one choice of treasury professionals since 1991. A Few Features of BRMEdge":

  • Compare banks, review and customize bank statements
  • Track errors by priority
  • Revolutionary reporting; report on any data, save the template for future use
  • Predict future bank fees with budgeting feature
  • Module is available to accept GLOBAL bank services billing*

Bank Relationship Manager Edge" is the premier system for companies to manage their analysis statements and negotiate relations with their banks.

BRMEdge" Outsourcing

Let the WFG experts perform your monthly account analysis. Your time can be spent making decisions with data reported the way you want it presented, instead of untangling a complicated array of output. Your WFG analysis professional will balance statements with discrepancies noted. You will have a partner in solving unresolved charges, catching closed accounts, spotting trends, and using key historical performance data to support your position in bank negotiations. With this browser-based solution you can securely access analysis information anywhere, anytime. Our experts do the work using the most comprehensive tool available - BRMEdge". Analysis Outsourcing can:

  • Allow you to leverage the skills of a WFG Professional Analyst
  • Include all paper, 822 analysis and BSB statements
  • Compare bank statements
  • Automate service, price, and volume monitoring
  • Allocate bank charges to business units
  • Assist with comprehensive reporting, graphing, and variance analysis
  • Access your account analysis information anywhere, anytime

Outsourcing of analysis is an efficient way to maximize your human capital. Streamline use of your expertise by using ours to perform the routine tasks.

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