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About ReportsPro

ReportsPro is the only financial report writer that gives you budgeting and forecasting capabilities, connects to ANY accounting system, and then empowers you with spreadsheet ease of use and flexibility - but without the inherent limitations of spreadsheets. And, it’s the only reporting solution backed by an unprecedented 180 day money-back guarantee!

Features Include:

  • Create Report Templates Effortlessly - Creating template financial statements/budgets/forecasts that can be run by department, division, or any user defined segment is a breeze with ReportsPro, and will eliminate the burden of having to re-create reports when they need to be updated with new data. Generic financial reports can easily be created that generate a departmental, divisional, or any filtered statement you wish to run. It’s as simple as selecting the desired criteria at run time, and clicking the run button. The filtering capabilities provide for multiple departments, product classes (or any other segment definition you may have) across multiple companies to generate the most sophisticated financial statements available.
  • Advanced Security - With ReportsPro’s comprehensive security features, it’s as easy as a few mouse clicks to give and restrict access. On a user-by-user basis, you can easily give people access to only certain reports. An often overlooked benefit of this is that you can be freed from having to constantly generate reports for other departments. You can set them up to obtain only the information they need.
  • Painless Consolidations - Make burdensome consolidations a thing of the past. With ReportsPro, including a consolidating balance on your financial statement is as simple as telling the report what accounts you’re pulling from and selecting the companies. That’s it – ReportsPro does the rest! In fact, your consolidations can be done regardless of where the various data are located.
  • Straightforward Dashboards & Graphs - ReportsPro understands that financial reports provide key indicators of your company’s performance, which is why we provide full dashboard capabilities. Dashboards simply allow you to place several key summary reports on one screen so that managers can see how the company is performing in the most critical areas. You can easily create dashboards with as many reports on the screen as necessary, along with graphs showing your key business indicators. Also, if you need to have a group of reports that exist in a packet and run all at once, ReportsPro makes it easy with simple point-and-click procedures.
  • Seamless Spreadsheet Connection - Because many users are already accustomed to creating reports in spreadsheets (particularly budgets), ReportsPro seamlessly connects directly to your spreadsheets and pulls all desired data at run-time. It’s as easy as telling the report the name of the spreadsheet and in which cell the data resides. When you click run, the relevant data will automatically be included in your report.
  • Extract Data From Any Source - ReportsPro allows you to include data in your financial reports from virtually any data source. Such data may include financial, statistical, or any other relevant data that might be needed in a financial report. For example, if you want to include employee head count, PO’s, etc. in a report, the information can usually be extracted easily from your current accounting system.

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