Rocket AeroText

A web-based software system designed by Rocket Software.

About Rocket AeroText

Rocket AeroText text analytics solution solves the problem of data overload by extracting meaningful information contained within unstructured text. AeroText is capable of discovering entities (people, products, dates, places, and more) and the relationships between them, as well as performing event discovery (contract terms, customer transactions, etc.), sentiment analysis, and subject-matter determination. AeroText is also capable of resolving ambiguities, such as inconsistent references to the same person, product or customer or organization.

AeroText’s high speed analytics engine identifies and extracts information with an accuracy that matches or exceeds a human’s ability, and discovers subtle relationships and events within text that might otherwise go undetected. Rocket AeroText supports information extraction in multiple languages, can be integrated with other business analytics and knowledge management tools, and can be tailored to recognize terms that are unique to your business and industry.

Build Business Intelligence.

AeroText features a highly sophisticated text analytics engine–developed for, and heavily used by, intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies–that excels at deriving relevant information from unstructured documents and data records.

Detect Patterns and Relationships.

If the inability to detect patterns, relationships, and events across large volumes of unstructured text documents and records has you scratching your head, Rocket AeroText will come to your rescue. With its readily customizable, versatile toolset, AeroText text analytics solution will help you extract subject matter of importance, such as product names, customer types, and references to business processes and procedures from a mountain of seemingly unrelated information.

Automate Workflows Using Real-Time Text Analytics.

Optimize your operations by executing business processes based upon the nature of text material–such as routing customer emails using subject matter and sentiment analysis, and setting backup and auditing policies based upon the nature of the material. AeroText’s high-performance text analytics engine supports the rapid and accurate analysis of large amounts of unstructured data, allowing you to automate workflows that respond to business information in real-time.

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