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About Folio

Rocket Folio provides professional and corporate publishers of all sizes with an environment to author, secure, and publish high-value reference material, such as government regulations, insurance policies, academic publications, tax and case law, and accounting guidelines. Using Rocket Folio, you can publish information on CD/DVD and network workstations.

Leverage Existing Skill Sets.

With Rocket Folio, non-technical authors can easily edit, update and secure content. If your authors know how to use a word processor, they know how to use Rocket Folio–no programming experience required.

Add Value to Your Publications.

Rocket Folio allows you to add functionality like cross references, commentary, fielded data, topical groups, and more to your publications. Users can adapt publications to their needs without modifying your source data thanks to searchable “sticky” notes, visual and searchable highlighters, bookmarks and personal cross references.

Offer Rapid, Accurate Searching.

Rocket Folio provides simple and advanced search features, customizable search forms, and canned searches–all with extremely fast response times. Hits can be seen in context–highlighted within short summaries of the document–and users can see where the content is stored within their overall information library.

Provide Intuitive Navigation.

Rocket Folio provides hierarchical, auto-generated tables of contents, making your content easy to traverse.

reduce risk while ensuring compliance and fair payment. With Rocket Folio, you can ensure adherence to regulatory compliance and reduce risk across your organization. Rights management capabilities ensure that the right people access the right information. Outdated information automatically expires and can no longer be accessed. In addition to restricting access to appropriate users, rights management also limits user access–even down to the permitted days and hours of use. reduce your total cost of ownership and lower your entry price. Simple royalty-based pricing and licensing aligns with your business model. Folio’s components run on nearly all “Wintel” configurations, while import filters enable you to assemble content from multiple sources.

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