Web-based financial analysis software for accountants and consultants.

About ProfitCents

ProfitCents is being used by more than 4,000 banks and CPA firms, including Intuit, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and H&R Block, to provide plain-language evaluations of business performance to their business clients.

Companies Use the Technology To:

  • Differentiate their firm with industry specific benchmarking KPIs to provide proactive advice
  • Streamline audits & reviews with preliminary analytics and documented expected value calculations
  • Acquire clients with easy-to-understand graphs, metrics and narrative reports that simplify complex financial information
  • Uncover client financial insights that improve retention and generate new engagements

ProfitCents is the world’s first ‘e-Financial Analyst.’ Using Sageworks’ patented FIND technology, ProfitCents analyzes financial statement data into easy-to-understand narrative text reports. ProfitCents is designed for an owner/manager of a small- to medium-sized business and offers recommendations to help improve business performance. It also provides automation of the pre-audit process using the Analytical Procedures tool.

ProfitCents is the world’s first ‘e-Financial Analyst.’ Utilizing Sageworks’ patented FIND (Financial Information to Narrative Data) technology, ProfitCents analyzes and interprets financial statement and tax data into easy-to-understand narrative text reports.

ProfitCents reports are generated dynamically from individual text strings and are unique to each company’s financial condition, financial performance, and industry. The technology is capable of generating more than 32 trillion unique analytical reports.

Analytical Procedures

Analytical Procedures includes several modules designed to analyze different types of clients:

  • For-Profit Companies
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government Entities
  • Financial Institutions

The reports created by Analytical Procedures are commonly used to provide consistent and logical expected values based on historical regression and projections, which are documented for peer reviews. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of text, graphs, ratios, trends, and industry comparisons with the analytical procedures documentation worksheet.

Industry Data

Access all the data and industry recommendations found in Sageworks Industry Data and Analysis from an iPhone, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android smartphone®. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play for Android.

Narrative Reports

Accountants use the narrative report with their clients to provide them with a deeper understanding of their financial health. The narrative report turns financial statements into a plain language narrative text that accountants use to help their clients make better business decisions.


Accountants use the projection solution to quickly perform “what-if” scenarios and show clients how certain changes in their business can positively impact their financial condition.

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