SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

A software system designed by SAP.

About SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (BOE) allows companies to disseminate BI functionality throughout their organizations to business users, similar to a “self-service” BI tool for non-technical users.

End users simply enter a few search keywords to find the most relevant information instantly from across all of their applications and data sources. Data sources and metadata are pre-indexed so that users can search and explore enterprise data sources such as operational systems and data warehouses directly and with near instantaneous speeds. There is no pre-existing reports or metrics required.

Immediate Insight on Mountains of Data

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer provides accurate and instant delivery of data required for decision making. Unlike alternate BI tools, the solution doesn’t require in-depth training and heavily involved analytical methods. The solution allows for searching and sorting, interactive drilldowns, and various types of dynamic graphical visualisations while navigating through the data at incredible speed.

Making Smarter Decisions Faster

In order to make everyday business decisions, business users depend on the ability to access and understand information. Unfortunately, recent surveys show that these users often rely on “gut-feel” decision making due to lack of time and understanding to learn the powerful BI tools to provide them with this much needed data. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer employs high performance and scalability, providing Australian business users with the opportunity to dramatically increase Business Intelligence query response up to 100 times faster than non-tuned BI queries.

User Reviews of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

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