SAS Financial Intelligence

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A multi-module management system designed by SAS Institute.

About SAS Financial Intelligence

SAS Financial Intelligence solutions provide consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning and dashboards in a single solution and on one platform. With SAS, you can achieve financial transparency, ensure regulatory compliance, and gain predictive, analytic insight into financial performance. Our comprehensive offerings for Finance allow you to access the wealth of knowledge in your financial and non-financial data to adapt to the expanded role of trusted advisor at every level in the enterprise.

Our offerings go beyond niche vendors to include profitability management, activity based management, human capital analytics, business intelligence, scorecards and strategy maps, risk solutions, forecasting, and performance management for sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, etc. SAS gives you the ability to grow your performance management initiatives across the entire enterprise.

With SAS, you can improve performance continually through new insights and more accurate predictions. For over three decades, SAS has been giving senior financial executives The Power to Know.

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SAS Activity Based Management

SAS offers an end-to-end ABM solution that combines integrated data management, business modeling, reporting and analysis all on one platform.

More Than Any Other Costing Solution, SAS Activity-Based Management:

  • Supports all activity-based costing methodologies, including bottom-up, consumption-driven ABC, to best meet your business needs.
  • Offers a highly visual, flexible and multidimensional modeling environment with a point-and-click graphical user interface.
  • Leverages web-based reporting and analysis to enable cost, process and profitability intelligence to be quickly shared across the organization.
  • Provides a complete and integrated data management solution with data access engines and data transformation capabilities required for successful ABM implementation.

SAS Activity-Based Management enables strategic and operational decisions that maximize profit, reduce costs and streamline processes by determining the cost of those processes and the profitability of products, customers and business segments. Specifically, with SAS Activity-Based Management, organizations across industries can:

  • Gain insights about the true profitability of products, customers and business units.
  • Manage process costs by understanding business activities and their cost drivers.
  • Identify and predict capacity or resource requirements.

SAS® Analytics

SAS defines analytics as data-driven insight for better decisions. More specifically, it is a process encompassing a range of techniques dealing with the collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data to gain insight and reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables and relationships.

SAS offers a comprehensive suite of analytics software to help you reduce uncertainty, predict with precision and optimize performance. Our proven capabilities include:

  • Statistics – Use statistical data analysis to drive fact-based decisions.
  • Data & Text Mining – Build descriptive and predictive models and deploy results throughout the enterprise.
  • Forecasting – Analyze and predict outcomes based on historical patterns.
  • Econometrics – Apply statistical methods to economic data, problems and trends.
  • Optimization – Apply techniques such as optimization, scheduling, and simulation to achieve the best result.
  • Model Management & Deployment – Streamline the process of creating, managing and deploying analytical models.
  • Quality Improvement – Identify, monitor and measure quality processes over time

Complete analytics environment - SAS offers an integrated suite of analytics software unmatched in the industry, and delivered to you in a single environment. This allows you to formulate and evolve your analysis as needed to obtain the best results and discover new insights more quickly and easily.

Commitment to quality - SAS has been developing trusted analytics capabilities for nearly three decades. Our investment in precision and accuracy leads the industry. You can rely on a solid analytical foundation to obtain quality results for all your analysis needs.

Scalable to the enterprise - SAS analytics are built on a multithreaded architecture designed to handle large volumes of data. You can analyze huge quantities of data to make discoveries, solve complex problems and deploy results throughout the enterprise.

Open architecture - Compared to the ýclosedý and proprietary systems sold by our competitors, SAS offers an open and standards-based architecture. You can quickly link SAS to your existing IT environment to reach your immediate objectives, and extend the power of SAS to meet your evolving analytical needs.

The Power of the Platform - SAS also delivers technology and expertise in data integration, business intelligence, targeted business solutions and specific industry solutions to take your organization Beyond BI". Gain the completeness of vision to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes to move your organization ahead.

SAS® Business Intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence gives you the information, when you need it, in the format you need. By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, IT spends less time responding to requests and business users spend less time looking for information so more time is spent on making better, more informed decisions.

SAS Enterprise BI Server provides a complete portfolio of BI capabilities and applies the power of SAS analytics and data integration to create a complete and easy-to-use BI solution. SAS Enterprise BI Server provides a fully integrated and comprehensive suite of BI software that addresses the needs of IT management as well as business users.

The SAS Difference:

Other vendors provide business intelligence solely in the form of historical reports that give you hindsight but limited insight. SAS Business Intelligence allows you to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes as you move your business ahead. We deliver this through our technology and expertise in targeted business solutions and specific industry solutions.

Note: SAS is positioned in the ýLeaderý quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 1Q07.

SAS® Customer Intelligence

Complete customer view, smarter segmentation, better ROI - only SAS Customer Intelligence provides the vital knowledge needed to help organizations build an integrated platform for enterprise marketing management. With SAS Customer Intelligence, campaigns and programs implemented across channels will be effective, consistent and timely. They will target the right customers with the right offers. And with the power of SAS’ predictive analytics, you can be confident that actual results will match predicted ones, even before you spend anything on a new campaign.

Marketing performance management:

Increasingly, marketing organizations are being asked to prove their value, making it important that you measure marketing performance and your marketing ROI. SAS for Marketing Performance Management lets you map marketing tactics to your overall corporate strategy, so you can understand, align and improve the performance of your marketing efforts, as well as quantify how marketing contributes to your company’s overall success.

SAS Customer Intelligence includes the most complete set of capabilities available for improving customer value and marketing ROI:

Campaign management

SAS Marketing Automation is the most comprehensive campaign management solution available. It provides everything needed to turn disparate, disorganized customer data into profitable marketing campaigns. Capabilities include campaign creation and execution, reporting, business intelligence, predictive analytics and data integration.

Campaign optimization

SAS Marketing Optimization applies sophisticated mathematical approaches through an easy-to-use interface to optimize marketing campaign ROI given limited budgets, channel capacities and other organizational constraints. While many vendors claim to perform campaign optimization, most are simply using rules-based decision trees. SAS employs true mathematical optimization, which provides far more effective results.

Digital marketing

SAS Digital Marketing delivers a permission-based digital marketing solution that provides large-scale multimedia messaging capabilities – including e-mail, SMS, MMS and WAP – within single-channel or multichannel marketing campaigns.

Interaction management

SAS Interaction Management uses patented behavior-tracking and event-detection technologies to help you recognize opportunities to communicate with your customers.

Web analytics

SAS Web Analytics lets you learn how individuals navigate your Web site, whether they are buying and whether they are likely to come back. These insights will improve the effectiveness of your site and assist both online and offline marketing efforts.

Marketing resource management

SAS Solutions OnDemand: Veridiem MRM helps companies understand the business value of investments such as advertising, promotions, incentives, direct mail, events and the Web. Capabilities include marketing simulations, guided analysis and media-mix analysis.

Profitability management

SAS Profitability Management enables organizations to effectively manage and treat customers based on their level of profitability. By instilling confidence in this critical value metric, organizations can now make strategic decisions about the most appropriate way to serve customers.

SAS Customer Intelligence is built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, which provides foundational components that can be used within the marketing department and across the organization. This platform enables you to take advantage of existing technology investments and decreases the total cost of ownership for your marketing solution.

The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform includes enterprise-level reporting, which lets you explore customer data through a variety of standard reports, ad hoc reports, OLAP drill-down analysis and parameter-driven reports. The platform also provides comprehensive data integration capabilities that allow you to create a single view of the customer. And the world’s most powerful data mining solution helps you identify your most valuable customers and learn who’s likely to purchase or leave in the future.

SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform

SAS®9 provides an integrated platform for delivering enterprise intelligence. This platform, which we call the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, optimally integrates individual technology components within your existing IT infrastructure into a single, unified system. The result is an information flow that transcends organizational silos, diverse computing platforms and niche tools – and delivers new insights that drive value for your organization.

The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform extends the value of your existing systems while setting the stage for new levels of enterprise intelligence not previously possible. It includes the following components:

  • SAS Data Integration provides prebuilt, high-performance capabilities for data connectivity, data quality, ETL (extract, transform and load), data migration, data synchronization and data federation.
  • SAS Intelligence Storage is a dedicated solution that efficiently stores and disseminates information for business intelligence and analytic requirements, offering relational and OLAP storage options from the same foundational inputs.
  • SAS Analytics is an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modeling, forecasting, optimization, simulation, experimental design and more. SAS Analytics leverage existing data and infrastructures to support effective decision making and integration into business intelligence environments.
  • SAS Business Intelligence delivers a set of BI capabilities that enable different types of users to surface meaningful intelligence from consistent, companywide data.

As part of an integrated platform, all components and services are managed from a single point, reducing the administrative effort for maintenance of applications, users and security. Data consistency is assured because metadata is stored in a single metadata repository and is shared across all SAS technologies and solutions.

Using the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform as a foundation, SAS®9 offers targeted business solutions that support enterprise intelligence, customer intelligence, financial intelligence, supply chain intelligence and more – as well as turnkey solutions for various vertical markets, such as financial services, life sciences, health care, retail, manufacturing and others.

No matter where your organization is on the path toward evolving information capabilities, SAS can adapt to your situation and drive intelligence evolution to the next level, while leveraging and extending the value of your existing IT investments.

Key Characteristics of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform:

  • Consistent – offers the ability to integrate, share and centrally manage metadata across entire enterprises, creating one version of the truth and eliminating information silos and the costs of maintaining them.
  • Open – integrates with a wide variety of data and metadata sources to support information flow across diverse and disjointed IT environments.
  • Unified – shares common security and administration services, data storage and management functions, query and reporting tools, analytic toolsets, publishing infrastructure, and Web-based user interfaces across components and applications.
  • Manageable – provides a single point of administration for all elements of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform.
  • Standards-based – supports industry-standard protocols, programming languages, models and communication interfaces.
  • Extensible – enables customers to build custom solutions using standard development environments (such as Java) and well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Portable – allows applications to be moved between systems and platforms based on changing needs for growth and maintenance.
  • Scalable – enterprise-class grid computing capabilities utilize all computing resources in the most efficient manner.
  • Compatible – fits into an organization’s IT practices, skills, methodologies and infrastructure in a way that leverages customers’ existing technology investments.
  • Future-ready – scalable to handle future growth; customizable to support unique new applications; open and standards-based to support future technologies not yet defined.

SAS® Financial Management

SAS Financial Management improves the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of financial plans, budgets and reports while promoting the alignment and execution of strategy. This solution uses the integrity, analytic power and scalability of the SAS Intelligence Platform to facilitate flexible, strategic financial and operational planning within a collaborative environment – across the entire enterprise. Using SAS Financial Management, organizations can more effectively analyze and manage the true drivers of shareholder value in relation to strategy in real time.

SAS Financial Management Includes Two Integrated Functional Components:

  • Planning and budgeting – allows finance executives and other key finance department personnel to embed advanced SAS analytics into budgets and plans for more accurate forecasting of future operating results.
  • Financial reporting and consolidation – provides the unique capability to consolidate multidimensional information on demand while performing all financial calculations relevant to the reporting and planning processes, thereby enabling companies to close their books more rapidly.

Using These Powerful Components, Companies Will Be Able To:

  • Create more frequent, accurate forecasts. SAS Financial Management allows an organization to create plans and forecasts which can easily be updated in response to changing business and operational circumstances. As a result, forecasted earnings expectations can be released with greater confidence, and the continuous process of managing strategy execution is enabled and shared across the enterprise.
  • Ensure financial transparency. SAS Financial Management provides a transparent environment for managing financial and operational data in order to produce timely, accurate and relevant reports. This transparency is achieved by extending control of information horizontally across the enterprise and vertically between transaction-oriented systems and the higher-level financial management system.
  • Publish reports more quickly. Because of the growing need to publish accurate reports more quickly, SAS Financial Management significantly reduces the time required to produce and publish financial reports. On-demand consolidations, which simultaneously incorporate any necessary currency conversion, eliminations, ownership adjustments and allocations, can reduce the time and cost necessary for financial consolidations.

SAS Financial Management is one component of SAS Financial Intelligence, a vision for financial performance management that includes solutions for financial management, activity-based management, dashboards and scorecarding, risk management, and advanced analytics such as optimization and forecasting. By combining the hindsight, insight and foresight provided through these powerful solutions, corporate finance departments can build credibility and confidence within other areas of the company.

SAS® Human Capital Management (HCM)

SAS Human Capital Management is designed to analyze workforce data and deliver information for decision making. Using a holistic view of the workforce by integrating data into a single source of information, business users get the answers they need through analysis, reporting and measurement.

With SAS Human Capital Management, You Can:

  • Investigate and understand how and when workforce trends impact your organization.
  • Proactively manage organizational risk by understanding where skill shortages are likely to occur so you can better target retention and recruitment dollars.
  • Measure and analyze key indicators to track performance, establish improvement areas and determine logical next steps.
  • Compare key measures to benchmark data.
  • Use advanced and predictive analytics, such as forecasting or data mining, for human capital trending, risk assessment or what-if analysis.

SAS Human Capital Management Provides a Number of Powerful Benefits:

  • Proactively plan for future workforce needs. Being able to anticipate change is one of the most difficult challenges organizations face. SAS keeps you proactive by helping you analyze and predict your future workforce needs and communicate those needs within and outside your organization.
  • Minimize risk by changing likely outcomes. Advanced analytics and easy-to-use interfaces enable business users to identify and minimize risk by predicting workforce changes and analyzing associated costs.
  • Measure and improve workforce productivity. With more than 250 prepackaged metrics, it is easier to measure and analyze key indicators. A built-in viewer shows the status of key metrics relative to goals. The metrics can be easily modified, or created, to meet each organization’s needs.
  • Gain a holistic view of your workforce. SAS Human Capital Management integrates data from nearly every source and loads it into a single repository where it is made ready for analysis. With capabilities for cleansing, migrating and synchronizing data, organizations can leverage their existing data investments while ensuring consistent answers.

Performance management begins and ends with employees. People are essential to the success of any performance initiative – and measurement is only the first step. Success encompasses developing human capital strategies and improvement efforts that are aligned with organizational goals. SAS aligns these strategies and supports enterprise performance improvement. Because all SAS solutions are built on a single platform, they can be quickly integrated to provide a comprehensive view of enterprise performance.

SAS® IT Intelligence

SAS IT Intelligence is a comprehensive solution for IT that helps you optimize IT resources, services and financial impact, all in support of strategic business goals.

To accomplish these challenging goals, you can use SAS IT Intelligence to measure and optimize your entire IT operation. SAS IT Intelligence has been built with many IT best practices in mind, namely the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other process and governance frameworks. Frameworks that can help enhance your efforts to align IT to business goals. Specifically, SAS IT Intelligence provides capabilities for:

  • Resource Optimization – Using SAS IT Intelligence for Resource Optimization lets you maintain a holistic view of all IT assets and accurately forecast resource requirements. In short, Resource Optimization helps you acquire and deploy the right resources at the right time. You can also reduce your overall facilities through a process of ýright-sizingý your IT infrastructure. Resource Optimization is primarily enabled by SAS IT Resource Management.
  • Service Optimization – Establish a service catalog with a clear and concise view of performance to help measure the quality of service to each line of business. SAS lets you ensure that service targets are achieved, monitored and documented, and it provides a mechanism for negotiating levels of service such that both parties have a clearer view of responsibilities and specific service targets. Most importantly, Service Optimization lets you understand the relationships between IT resources and business applications, so you can be confident in the proper alignment between IT and business. Service Optimization is primarily enabled by SAS IT Service Level Management.
  • Financial Optimization – This capability lets you cut costs without harming operational performance. You can also use IT data to identify opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement. Even determine accurate chargeback prices for services delivered to internal customers. To provide these capabilities, SAS lets you measure the cost to deliver any process that uses IT resources. With knowledge of costs, you can optimize expenditures and evaluate what-if scenarios. SAS IT Intelligence for Financial Optimization is a customized solution enabled primarily by SAS Activity-Based Management.

Organizations that achieve resource, service and financial optimization are on their way to realizing sound IT governance. To make the journey even more profitable, SAS helps you maintain an IT scorecard that tracks all your essential metrics. This scorecard lets you fine tune the operational and financial performance of your IT infrastructure.

Performance metrics provide insight into resources, services and financial data to enable fact-based decisions that will reduce total cost of ownership and ensure quality of service. Business metrics can be tracked as well, which help show the success of IT. Such metrics can include profit per transaction and cost per user. The IT scorecard is primarily enabled by SAS Strategic Performance Management.

The above capabilities are only part of SAS’ value for IT departments. SAS IT Intelligence is built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, a powerful, unique platform that includes enterprise-level business intelligence, unmatched data integration, powerful storage for intelligence data, and the industry’s most sophisticated analytics. This platform uses the optimized infrastructure of your organization to deliver crucial information to every corner of your organization, from finance to marketing and HR.

SAS® Profitability Management

SAS Profitability Management allows you to boost profit by first understanding costs. The solution applies user-defined assignment rules – not arbitrary costs and broad brush averages – to allocate shared and indirect costs to products, services, channels and customers.

SAS Profitability Management Gives You the Ability To:

  • Associate costs and revenue with individual business transactions, using robust, yet highly flexible analytics to calculate profit and loss at the most detailed level.
  • Actively manage profitability as a performance metric down to the most granular level – across billions of transactions and interactions.
  • Understand why and how individual customers and products impact the bottom line.
  • Gain insight into key drivers and trends so you can make strategic decisions to effectively grow the business.

SAS® Risk Management

SAS Risk Management gives you the visibility and foresight to recognize and leverage risk-related opportunities, as well as an early warning system for detecting potential hazards. The solution delivers a consistent, transparent and auditable view of all of your risk activities, so you can effectively manage risk as part of your day-to-day business practices.

SAS Risk Management empowers you to manage risk firm-wide, with an open, flexible and extensible environment for:

Data management – Access and consolidate position and market data from around the world with SAS’ industry-leading data warehousing capabilities and tools for efficiently creating, administering and integrating a global risk warehouse.

Risk analysis – Analyze and explore your data in order to compute risk measures. SAS delivers a full suite of modern credit, market and operational risk analysis techniques, giving you virtually unlimited perspectives on your risk position, including:

  • Mark to Market
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Profit/Loss Curves & Surfaces
  • Sensitivity Analysis (including Greeks)
  • Delta Normal VaR
  • Historical Simulation VaR
  • Monte Carlo VaR
  • Current Exposure
  • Potential Exposure

Risk managers can break down or aggregate analytic results as desired. Cross-classification variables allow reporting of risk measures at user-specified levels of aggregation such as: firm-wide, by location, by region, by division, by portfolio, by instrument type, etc.

Risk reporting – Effectively communicate risk measures with SAS advanced business intelligence reporting environment. SAS transforms the vast amounts of data generated by your organization into actionable information…so decision makers can react quickly to changing market conditions, rapidly identify new strategic directions and uncover sources of potential problems before they materialize.

Industry-based solutions – In addition to cross-industry risk management offerings, SAS also offers these industry-specific solutions:

  • SAS Risk Intelligence for Financial Services draws from a comprehensive portfolio of advanced risk and compliance capabilities to provide a single point of control for effectively governing critical enterprise risk and compliance activities.
  • SAS Risk Management for Energy and Utilities combines award-winning software and best-practice services to transform masses of data about your operations, suppliers, risks, assets and profitability into strategic business intelligence – the fuel for competitive advantage.

SAS® Service Intelligence

SAS Service Intelligence helps organizations monitor, predict and optimize their entire service chain to transform after-sales support operations from disconnected cost centers into integrated profit centers. The solution set enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage by retaining satisfied customers and improving brand image. This family of flexible, extensible solutions includes prebuilt, service chain-specific data and analytical models, as well as streamlined processes and techniques that speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.

SAS Service Intelligence Features:

  • SAS Service Parts Optimization to forecast short-term, new-part and lifecycle parts demand. The solution calculates optimized inventory and order quantities for parts distribution systems, helping you maintain adequate stock levels, maximize response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • SAS Service Operations Optimization to analyze operational data by product, customer, time, geography, service code, call agent, service provider, technician, etc., and then identify the root cause of inefficient internal processes. This solution includes key features such as call pattern and resolution analysis, call center optimization, financial analysis including suspect claims, and service provider performance rankings and forecasts.
  • SAS Warranty Analysis to integrate warranty data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information, enabling informed, timely decisions and reduced warranty costs.

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue. Differentiate your organization from competitors with a service value proposition that promotes customer loyalty and expands opportunities for customer service contracts.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention. World-class predictive analytics and reporting help organizations identify emerging issues, determine their root cause, and resolve issues before they become customer problems to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Ensure better processes and quality. Intelligence acquired from the aftermarket service chain can create a process-centered view of product and service quality that can inform continuous, incremental changes to front-end supply, design engineering and manufacturing processes.
  • Optimize all resources across the service chain. Predict and optimize parts, people and all key resources to provide the right parts and labor at the right place and time. The result is a balanced and effective service chain that improves customer satisfaction and ensures optimal inventory and resource costs.

Delivered through the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, SAS Service Intelligence allows customer service organizations to integrate vast quantities of data from previously separate sources across the post-production environment, apply analytics and advanced forecasting techniques to fuel process improvements, and deliver results to decision makers across the service chain.

SAS® Solutions for Supplier Intelligence

SAS enables strategic sourcing through an integrated set of data management and analytic applications designed specifically for the procurement professional. With SAS Supplier Relationship Management, you can:

  • Create comprehensive, accurate and detailed spend visibility across all of your spend data – regardless of where it exists and what format it is stored in.
  • Set, measure and manage optimal sourcing strategies that achieve corporate objectives while effectively managing supply risk.
  • Develop a comprehensive, accurate profile of the supplier base.
  • Prioritize and consolidate suppliers based on the factors most important to your business.
  • Ensure contract compliance and reduce maverick spending.

Comprising four fully integrated but modular components, SAS Supplier Relationship Management allows you to focus on your top priorities today and then expand in the future.

SAS Sourcing Data Quality provides accurate, detailed, comprehensive information to help you reduce commodity spend without increasing risk.

SAS Spend Analysis helps you reduce enterprise spend across suppliers and commodities by providing increased visibility into procurement information.

SAS Procurement Scorecard helps you set, measure and manage procurement strategies that are aligned with corporate goals.

SAS Sourcing Strategy uses advanced SAS analytics to support supply base optimization.

SAS Solutions OnDemand:

For customers in the Americas, SAS provides the option to host your application as a service. With SAS Solutions OnDemand, you simply send your data to SAS, and we apply our unsurpassed analytic capabilities. Then we send a variety of reports back to you. The hosted version of SAS Supplier Relationship Management (PDF: 651KB) even lets you access SAS’ analysis and reporting capabilities as if the solution were locally installed.

SAS® Strategic Performance Management

SAS Strategic Performance Management helps executives achieve strategic goals by focusing the entire organization on the initiatives and indicators (KPIs) that support those goals. This powerful solution enables collaboration by delivering KPIs through a Web browser and by using built-in filtering and alerts that call employees to action when performance is not meeting targets. Once notified, users can employ predictive analytics from SAS to identify the causal linkages between KPIs, discover why performance is not meeting targets and take corrective action accordingly.

With SAS Strategic Performance Management, Your Organization Can Improve Business Performance and Positively Impact the Bottom Line:

  • Focus on performance and opportunities to take appropriate action.
  • Align resources and day-to-day activities with corporate strategy.
  • Adapt to meet the changing demands of the market and stakeholders.

Specifically, SAS Strategic Performance Management Provides:

  • A completely Web-based application with easy navigation.
  • A graphical, multidimensional and multimetric display.
  • Powerful data access and integration capabilities using SAS ETL technology.
  • Wizards to help create scorecard diagrams and models.
  • Personalized display content such as metrics and alerts.
  • Commenting capabilities to enable and encourage collaboration.
  • Diagrams that dynamically read from and write to underlying data tables.

When combined with SAS’ leading analytic capabilities, SAS Strategic Performance Management also makes it possible for you to develop predictive scorecards. This means that you can analyze cause-and-effect relationships between KPIs, which help you create more robust, accurate simulations and optimized scenarios. In short, SAS allows you to analyze performance data to make more forward-looking decisions.

In fact, SAS provides the only integrated suite of performance management solutions from a single vendor that facilitates both strategic and operational decision making. SAS Strategic Performance Management exchanges information with other business solutions across your organization – solutions from SAS and other vendors for managing customer and supplier relationships, IT, finances, human capital, quality improvement and risk – to ensure everyone is working in sync and heading toward common goals. The result? A steady view of all the measures that add real value to your enterprise.

SAS® Supply Chain Intelligence

Enhancing both the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall supply chain operations is a critical component in a company’s ability to compete successfully. This is gained by better understanding and leveraging the customer base, increasing yield, quality and service levels, and through improving supplier strategies. From ERP systems to traditional supply chain management software, the market is filled with silo-based transactional systems that fall short in generating and delivering the performance-driving insights that seamlessly and profitably link supply with demand.

SAS Supply Chain Intelligence Solutions deliver a critical advantage to companies by helping them turn data into knowledge, enabling companies to develop unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights. As a result, companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, thus maximizing their own profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

SAS Supply Chain Intelligence Solutions Enable You To:

  • Generate insights you can act on.
  • Anticipate customer demand.
  • Derive financial insights across the extended supply chain.
  • Improve product quality, yield and time to market.
  • Optimize supply strategies.
  • Leverage existing IT investments.

SAS® Web Analytics

SAS Web Analytics is a groundbreaking, comprehensive solution that combines the full power of customer relationship management with SAS’ award-winning analytics. The result is a proven solution that helps you:

  • Improve customer retention.
  • Focus on key metrics specific to your business.
  • Enhance service quality.
  • Provide a better overall customer experience.
  • Increase your margins and improve your bottom line.

SAS Web Analytics brings you this power via service and/or a solution built to ensure the success of all your Internet marketing programs.

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User Reviews of SAS Financial Intelligence

Submitted on February 3rd, 2020 by Chad Benson

SAS is helping CBE capitalize on and manage the wealth of real-time and historical data to create an information-driven business that sets the standard for debt collection.

Submitted on February 3rd, 2020 by Kendrick Kau

Before SAS, it took one of our staff members one week out of each month to aggregate and report warranty data within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Now, with SAS, we populate those same reports on an easily accessible online dashboard automatically, and we recovered a week of manpower that we could put on other projects.