Squirrel IQ

A web-based software system designed by Squirrel Systems for accommodations & food services and retail trade companies.

About Squirrel IQ

Detailed Above Store Reporting With Squirrel IQ

Business decisions can be hard, but you can make them easier if you have the right information to help – let Squirrel IQ be your guide! It’s a cloud-based above store reporing solution that gives you access to a variety of reports generated from your POS data. Since all your information is online, there’s no need to be physcially present in your store so you can work from home, take a much-deserved vacation, and still be aware of what’s happening with your business. With Squirrel IQ, decision-making on the go has become that much simpler.

Simple User Interface

Squirrel IQ features a simple, web-based user interface that presents sales, labor, and other important information in easy-to-understand reports, charts, and dashboards. For example, you can view reports on year over year sales, check average trends, and product mixes. Because Squirrel IQ is so intuitive, you’ll learn very quickly how to use it and you’ll have more time to spend analyzing your data.

Detailed Reporting

In addition to providing a holistic perspective on your business, including the performance of different revenue centers and dayparts, Squirrel IQ allows you to drill down to the check level detail.

Flexible and Scalable

Whether you have a single location or a multi-unit operation, Squirrel IQ is a great tool for owners and managers regardless of business size. You can easily add locations to your implementation so when your business grows, Squirrel IQ can grow with you. If you’re an existing Squirrel customer, you have the option of importing your historical POS data to Squirrel IQ for immediate comparative reporting.

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