A multi-module management system designed by Sumatia.

About Sumatia

Sumatia Financial Reporting Software delivers powerful tools that give your team insight into your operations that’s simply not possible in most accounting systems.

Sumatia removes the limitations of accounting software and spreadsheets and gives you unlimited:

  • Consolidation Templates (or Portfolios)
  • Report Templates (P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow)
  • Reporting Categories
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Top-Level Journal Entries
  • Users (with Role-based Security)

Budgeting and Forecasting

Brilliant Budgeting

The budgeting process is typically a frustrating search for the right version of various spreadsheets, broken formulas, and tweaking scenarios.

With Sumatia, your entire team can enter their budgets directly into the database and then be consolidated in an unlimited number of views or models. You’ll always know which is the current version and you have unlimited budget scenarios at your fingertips.

Sumatia helps you simplify the budgeting process while giving you better control.

Faster Forecasting

Creating new forecasts is effortless with Sumatia.

You simply copy the budget plan that best projects your expectations and then update it with actual results.

All of your modifications are automatically recorded into the built in audit trail, so you always know what changed, who changed it, and why.

Stop spending your time crunching numbers and use it to analyze where your business is going.


Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful and useful tool for handling analysis and summarizing information. However, when it comes to handling lots of data being pulled from different sources, it simply isn’t built for the task. Unfortunately, it is the tool that most analysts are afforded, because the source accounting and business systems can’t provide the needed reports.

Sumatia gives your analysts a data warehouse that is built for rapidly processing volumes of disparate data from multiple sources. The benefit to your organization is that you’re better able to see evolving trends in your business. Think about it like this: if an airplane is off course by only 1 degree, every mile traveled adds 92 feet off the correct heading. Imagine that being your business!

Sumatia gives your team the ability to identify and correct the course of your business before it becomes a problem.

Product Overview

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