The ready-to-use Request Processing Tool with Artificial Intelligence.

About ValueAI

It’s an AI platform designed to help businesses analyze any type of external or internal request flows: from support requests to mortgage applications. This tool enables you to train your own AI using your own incoming requests with text or numeric data. After the data is uploaded, the tool helps you clean it and train the model. Now you can prioritize requests using marginal analysis or based on their urgency, or sort requests according to a department.

ValueAI Benefits

  1. It can work with any type of data
  2. Any kind of classification can be applied
  3. It works both in cloud or on-premise (for those companies who can’t use cloud for safety reasons)

ValueAI Target Market

At the moment the platform is utilized by:

  1. A flight booking service to predict deal closing odds
  2. A civil engineering company to sort out incoming maintenance requests
  3. A software company to sort out incoming support requests

Product Overview

User Reviews of ValueAI

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