A powerful embedded business intelligence tool with dashboards.

About Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise is a seamless embedded BI platform that empowers your uses with self-service BI to quickly find important insights within your data and to make impactful business decisions. Wyn provides a comprehensive business intelligence experience all while saving you money with the simple and scalable licensing model.

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Wyn Enterprise Features

Wyn Enterprise provides true self-service business intelligence and enterprise reporting capabilities in one platform. Wyn Enterprise features interactive dashboards and visuals, end-user BI reports, threshold based notifications, localization support, data governance, and more.

Wyn Enterprise Target Market

Wyn Enterprise can be used by any size company and any type of organization. Wyn does include dashboard and report templates for specific industries.

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User Reviews of Wyn Enterprise

Submitted on August 30th, 2022 by Anonymous

Wyn is a powerful platform and allows anyone (regardless of their data analysis background) the ability create reports and dashboards. Wyn is easy-to-use with many out-of-the-box functionalities. We got up and running quickly; the support team is knowledgeable and always there to help