Yellowfin BI

An enterprise analytics suite designed to extract actionable value from company data.

Product Overview

Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence solution designed to streamline data-driven predictions and actionable insights from company performance. It offers an integrated reporting tool for in-depth insights and a complete BI stack with solutions like automated insights and collaboration tools.

Yellowfin BI’s key strengths lie in visual data preparation, web-based ETL tools, and a storytelling feature for presenting data insights. Additionally, Yellowfin supports a range of data sources and offers customizable, interactive dashboards for real-time performance monitoring. It’s also equipped with a mobile app for on-the-go data tracking.


  • Generates reports in minutes
  • Data can be shared across dashboards
  • UI is easy to learn for new users


  • Pricing information not provided by the developer
  • Customization options are limited

Target Market

Companies of various sizes across different industries, especially those in healthcare, finance, and media. It’s best suited for organizations looking for an end-to-end BI solution with data governance and collaboration features.

About Yellowfin BI

Video Overview

Primary Features

The full suite of Yellowfin will provide needs from beginning to end. Each Yellowfin product can be purchased as a stand-alone or bought together as a fully integrated suite.

Yellowfin Signals

  • Personalized and relevant alerts
  • Early warning signs for spikes and drops to detect volatility
  • Creates every possible combination of data to help find critical change
  • Identify causation

Yellowfin Stories

  • Identify why data is moving
  • Employee collaboration
  • Embed reports from multiple dashboard vendors such as Qlik, Tableau, and Power BI.

Yellowfin Dashboards

  • Monitor KPIs
  • AI-powered dashboards
  • Flexible designs

Yellowfin Data Discovery

  • Fast analysis
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Publish and share data for company feedbakc

Yellowfin Data Prep

  • Spreadsheets, Web APIs, and databases

Product Overview

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