Beacon for Maintainers

Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) application for maintenance management

About Beacon for Maintainers

Beacon for Maintainers is a highly secure tablet-based Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) application for maintenance management that:

  • Integrates Technical Manuals (TMs) from manufacturers as well as internally developed instructions
  • Generates work instructions in digital and graphical formats including engineering drawings and part numbers
  • Captures and digitizes “tribal” knowledge using digital media (audio, videos, photos, etc.)
  • Allows mechanics to create and update work orders

Beacon even includes a “Google” type search engine for finding troubleshooting tips, repair instructions, work order history, repair parts orders, platform performance, depot details, service history, operator, mechanics history, engineering drawings, and more. Beacon even has a question-and-answer site for mechanics and operators for repair related topics (like Stack Overflow). There is also a “YouTube” like platform to display repair instruction videos.

This software predicts future platform repairs based on several factors (operators, mechanics, depots, repair parts used, locations, weather, etc.) versus the current basic repair prediction models. Automated alerts inform decision makers early about potential issues when platform operators record issues using their tablets in near real-time


  • Ability to create and process work orders
  • Work orders fused with repair process steps
  • Asset tracking during maintenance processes using RFID and barcode scanning, object detection, and human activity recognition
  • User Forum for maintenance workers to post questions and answers
  • Gallery to upload pictures, videos, PDFs, manuals, 3D drawings
  • Digital Twin including a 3D drawing viewer combined with live sensor data, data trends, maintenance and purchasing history, and live 3D printing data
  • Demand Planner that uses Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Computer Vision
  • Inventory Management


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