A web-based CMMS system designed by CyberMetrics Corporation.

About FaciliWorks 8i CMMS

FaciliWorks CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) is work order and preventative maintenance software. FaciliWorks CMMS is powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

Over 15,000 facilities worldwide have chosen FaciliWorks to:

  • Maximize productivity and asset uptime
  • Optimize inventory
  • Minimize costs
  • Assure standards compliance

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Available in on-site (purchased) or on-line hosted (subscription) licensing, FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS software helps you track, analyze and report on everything from assets and PM schedules to work orders, procedures, staff and purchasing at a single location or across multiple facilities.

Real-time access to the most current data ensures time and cost efficiency throughout your operations and gives your company the competitive advantage to increase its returns on asset investment and productivity.

FaciliWorks 8i Benefits:

Scalability: Like all CyberMetrics products, FaciliWorks 8i CMMS grows with your organization. Start with a few users on a local network and be able to scale to hundreds of users located at dozens of facilities across the country or around the globe.

Options: Additional products such as Mobile CMMS (free with the Enterprise version), calibration management, maintenance label kit, validation kit, SafetyPro and Taskpro will streamline your operations even further.

Compliance: Compliance with standards set by government agencies and international standards agencies is an important element in manufacturing, industrial and maintenance applications. FaciliWorks offers a number of features that will help users comply with these standards.

Services: Whether FaciliWorks is your first CMMS solution or you’re switching from another application, the process is easy. We offer a variety of comprehensive professional services including installation, configuration, data services and more to help you get started quickly and to assure that our software solutions maximize your productivity.

Invest in Stability: When you invest time and money in a software solution, it’s important to choose a provider with a solid, long-standing reputation. CyberMetrics has been in business for over 30 years, so rest assured that our team of professionals will be available to you, providing on-going support, education and consultation services, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

FaciliWorks 8i Features:

Decrease operating costs, improve workforce efficiency, manage inventory and optimize your maintenance operations with FaciliWorks 8i CMMS.

FaciliWorks Is Not Module-Based; It Includes Everything You Need To:

  • View your operations and asset status in real time with dashboard analytics

  • Maintain detailed records on all assets, tasks, procedures, suppliers, personnel, inventory, purchasing, budgets, tools, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and much more

  • Easily submit, queue and manage work orders and service requests

  • Ensure accountability of personnel

  • Analyze equipment breakdown information

  • Optimize spare parts inventory

  • Customize the comprehensive set of reports to fit your specific needs

  • Define tasks, triggers and notification events with the workflow management system (8i Enterprise)

  • Group assets by department, location, etc. (8i Enterprise)

  • Manage your measurement and test equipment with calibration scheduling and analysis (8i Calibration)

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User Reviews of FaciliWorks 8i CMMS

Submitted on November 15th, 2019 by Dick Niswonger from Bay State Milling

It cut costs. By tracking maintenance history, we can maintain equipment on a regular basis. We know that a particular piece of equipment is failing and can identify causes.

By being able to track parts to equipment, you spend less downtime finding the parts to repair the equipment.

FaciliWorks is a very good product and a good way to manage maintenance and parts.