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About PMXpert

PMXpert’s affordable, easy-to-use CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) helps you save money, prevent inventory shortages, and free up your time so that you can focus on important work, no matter what industry you’re in. Protect your valuable equipment and maintain facility safety with automated service scheduling and proactive maintenance processes set up in PMXpert’s comprehensive preventive maintenance software.

PMXpert will help lower costs, perform PM schedules, extend equipment life, increase the value of assets and help control your service resources. You’re spending more than you need to when maintaining your equipment and you need a preventive maintenance software to help you stay organized and save money. PMXpert’s features are developed with you in mind. We consult with CMMS users to ensure PMXpert has the features they require most.


Nothing will fall through the cracks at your facility when you use the new AlertAssistant for PMXpert VirtualAssistant Suite! Automatic email reminders ensure that the right people know what is happening at all times.

The AlertAssistant scans PMXpert for you and automatically sends out notification emails to selected recipients when certain triggering events occur:

  • An Asset Service is overdue
  • An Asset has reached its consumption limit
  • Inventory items are down to re-order levels
  • A Work Order Service has been created or closed
  • A Purchase Order has been created, authorized or received
  • A Request has been created, assigned or performed

Setting up AlertAssistants is fast and easy with the step-by-step wizard. Simply select the days you want the AlertAssistant to run, define the time interval between scans of PMXpert and choose the recipients. The pre-set Messages and Subjects allow recipients to quickly determine what needs to be done when they receive the emails.

The AlertAssistant is similar to the previously available “PMXAlerts Module”, but with expanded ability to customize. The new AlertAssistant can run multiples of the same Alert concurrently, each identified by its custom user-defined name. Also, if the user wishes to get information from or save information to a different database, you can define a different database connection for each Alert.


Does your facility receive a constant stream of service requests day in and day out? Is your day filled with phone calls and notes from people needing things fixed? Then you need PMXWeb, a brand new online module available for PMXpert Software. Accessible from any Internet browser, PMXWeb provides all the convenience and benefits of the Service Request Module, plus more!

Everyone knows that work moves along more efficiently without frequent interruptions. With PMXWeb, you can now check service requests on your own schedule, instead of on demand of the requester. If you don’t feel the matter is urgent, you can simply assign the problem to the asset and PMXpert can add the problem to the next service work order.

Service Request

The Service Request Module expands your options for receiving asset service requests, making them easier to organize and manage. This module allows people to send asset service requests by email into the special Requests area of PMXpert, eliminating the need to install PMXpert on every person’s computer. The request emails only need to contain basic information about the asset and service required, which is an advantage when the individuals sending these requests do not know the terminology of your maintenance department.

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