A multi-module management system designed by AQ2 Technologies.


AQURIT™ is the first system designed to deposit 200 or more checks daily, post to A/R, reduce or eliminate bank fees, improve reporting, lower labor costs, and use image for transaction research, printing, and CD/internet distribution.

AQURIT is built on the Microsoft Back Office platform with Windows NT/2000, SQL Server 7.0/2000 and VisualBasic 6.0 insures long-term compatibility and support. Together these platforms enable AQURIT to scale from 50 to 50,000 transactions daily.

AQURIT New Features:

  • Macroscripting so end-users and developers can add custom validation macros and their own features using VBscript™
  • Image transaction research with printer, fax, CD and internet distribution.
  • MICR Match Database for improved Check Only handling.
  • Hot Account to find the ýneedles in the haystacký and eliminate data entry into the A/R or other accounting applications.
  • A/R, O/E and G/L accounting support for a wide variety of packaged software including Great Plains, Sage, Blackbaud, DonorWare, PledgeMaker, Edgil, AdvantageCS, Intuit, Yardi, Avgar, Alltel MaxMilion, Jack Henry, FIserv, J.D.Edwards, and more.

AQURIT Capture

AQURIT Capture is designed for operations using NCR and similar check image scanners.

AQURIT Invoice

AQURIT Invoice adds big bank lockbox power to AQURIT. Transactions which include payments with list bills, oversized documents, correspondence, multi-pages and checks can be data entered and validated on the NCR Check Image Scanner running AQURIT Capture or AQURIT PassONCE in real-time or on AQURIT Invoice PC.

Check & List, orders, application forms, and other data can be entered by 1 or more concurrent users.

AQURIT Mark Sense

AQURIT Mark Sense detects check boxes and other fields on items imaged by NCR check image scanners.

AQURIT Mark Sense reduces data entry and improves workflow.


AQURIT PassONCE is numeric courtesy amount (CAR)and handwritten legal amount (LAR) check recognition technology. Using CAR/LAR while processing check payments, reduces data entry while increasing accuracy and overall throughput.

Combined with the NCR Check Image Scanner, AQURIT PassONCE can reduce manual operations (people and bank fees) or replace bank lockbox processing. Manually operations take 1 to 4 people daily, by eliminating manual entry into A/R, multiple adding machine tapes, handstamping checks for deposit, completing deposit tickets are all completed by AQURIT PassONCE with 1 person in a morning: Check are pre-encoded, deposit ticket with detailed check listing is completed for the bank; checks are deposited in larger batches; capture data is uploaded to A/R; and transaction images are retained for easier transaction balancing, research, and for printing, fax, CD or internet distribution (eliminating bank microfilm requests).


AQURIT Server monitors all AQURIT workflow, functions and processes including upload, downloading and archiving. AQURIT Server contains the JobSetup, JobRun and JobManage modules.

AQURIT Server is licensed for 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50 LAN-connected users.


AQURIT TraqCODE creates a unique barcode label that can be affixed to odd-sized documents, such as full-page forms, orders or new account applications. AQURIT TraqCODE supports Sato CT400 barcode printer with label dispenser.


AQURIT TraqSCAN images documents using a page scanner. Documents are indexed to their original payment transaction within the AQURIT SQL Server database.

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