Optigold ISP 3.3

A multi-module management system designed by Digital Point Solutions for associations and utilities companies.

About Optigold ISP 3.3

If you are a dial up ISP, web hosting provider Optigold is your complete billing and commission tracking solution provider. Digital Point Solutions also provides you with support and software upgrades for life, at no additional fee. In addition to providing valuable billing solutions; Optigold gives you the ability to add a web-interface. This interface allows your customers to view their account and see all billing and payment history; and make payments with a credit card. Furthermore, you are given the ability to administer surveys to your customers to gather valuable information for marketing reports. Other benefits of the web interface is the ability to sign your customers up online; provide online tech support; and even allow your sales staff to view their commissions and existing customers. Optigold also manages your contacts and allows you to blacklist certain customers.


Optigold ISP 3.3 has is founded on processing recurring bills. Optigold gives you extreme flexibility in your invoicing operations. Whether you want to invoice on an hourly or monthly basis (or anywhere in between) Optigold ISP has the flexibility to do so on a customer by customer basis. Optigold ISP also has the ability to perform many other types of invoicing, such as one-time services, call details, excessive usage, secondary time (e.g. off-peak), bandwidth, or disk space used. Additionally this product has the ability to prorate invoices for payment at any point in the subscription cycle. Furthermore, Optigold can easily prorate backwards, in the case of a cancellation of service. Optigold also gives you the ability to asses finance charges on your customers; allowing you to set the APR, a minimum finance charge, and a minimum number of days between finance charges (to assure customers don’t receive finance charges to often). Optigold can also easily apply and charge sales taxes; allowing for several classes for different rates. To aid in your processing of bills Optigold offers real time credit card processing that can process a credit card transaction in one to two seconds. Additionally if you wish to run promotions Optigold allows you to implement offer codes; giving potential customers a discount when the code is used. Optigold also asks, and tracks, where customers heard about the specials you are running.

Optigold ISP 3.3 also allows you to bill based on usage. The billable usage, however, isn’t limited to just time spent online; other usage available for billing in Optigold is: bandwidth, disk space, off-peak usage or value added services (VoIP or FoIP). Optigold gives you the ability to limit customers online time per month; and charge them for excessive usage. Optigold ISP also gives you the ability to perform block usage billing. Allowing you to give your customers a set number of hours at a set price and let them use them until they run out.


Optigold has the ability to track sales commissions based on products or services sold. Commissions can be a set percentage or a flat rate per product or service sold; additionally commissions can be paid indefinitely, adding incentive for finding long-term customers.

Optigold also has the ability to process referrals. You are able to give free service to customers for referring other customers; this can be either service time, or a dollar amount. Referral thank you letters are then automatically sent to the referring customer.

Project Management

Optigold features a project management solution too. Team members who are assigned to a project can log their hours to it. Optigold then handles the billing for the project as needed; project types may be web design or programming for example.

Product Overview

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