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About ezyCollect

Introducing ezyCollect, a secure cloud based application that integrates with your accounting software, and then streamlines and automates your collection process, so you get paid faster with less effort.

The result, improved cash flow and profitability for your business.


ezyCollect automates your entire receivables management process. From the moment the invoice is sent, to the day you get paid.

A lot of focus goes into driving revenue, but little has changed in the way businesses manage their receivables. ezyCollect is ‘Changing the Way business Collect’ by providing a new and innovative solution to your receivables collection.

Using ezyCollect’s unique communication escalation plan, you:

  • Set when you want to contact your customers (e.g: 5 days after an invoice is due)
  • Set the frequency between communications (e.g. 3 days between reminders)
  • Set How you want to send this (e.g. email, letter, fax or calls)
  • Set Who you want to receive this communication (automatically uploaded from your accounting system)
  • All communication sent is personalized, thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness for every type of communication. With ezyCollect’s automation engine, your set the schedule, and we automate the receivables & collections process for you.


ezyCollect syncs with your current invoicing application so you don’t have to enter any data manually.

The first step in bringing ezyCollect to life is to ‘sync’ ezyCollect with your current invoicing application. This ensures that we have the most up-to-date invoicing information and prevents you from having to do any data entry. Connecting takes just a few minutes, and provides ezyCollect with the information required to start automatically communicating with your customers in a personalised manner.

Once connected, ezyCollect knows what invoices are still outstanding and helps you manage them. When you send invoices or mark received payments in your invoicing or accounting application, that information is automatically transmitted to ezyCollect. No manual data entry is required.

ezyCollect also incorporates a number of value-add services that will provide you with a one-stop shop for the entire invoice-to-collection process. These additional services are designed as ‘one-click-automated’ solution and offer you the convenience of:

  • Requesting credit check on any customer
  • Sending pre-approved legal/solicitor letters to your customers
  • Escalating your debts to collection agencies or lawyers
  • Call Center services for making phones call on your behalf
  • ezyCollect automatic ‘sync’ help you to keep on top of your receivables so that you can get paid on time, every time.


ezyCollect personalizes communication so that your customer is more than just a number.

They give you the best response, because people think you have sent it just to them – it is personalized, and reads and looks just like a communication you would send just to one person.

ezyCollect has been designed to send personalized letters, emails and faxes to your customers. ezyCollect uses the information stored in your accounting system to personalize all your messages. This means that you only enter the data once into your accounting system, and ezyCollect does the rest.

ezyCollect bring personality back into your communication! With ezyCollect you have the ability to edit each communication template to ensure that you maximize your collection effectiveness.

ezyCollect helps you to get paid faster – this means more money in your account sooner! We give you the tools to ensure that you get to top of the payment queue.

Automated Reminders

With ezyCollect, your debtors are automatically reminded to pay according to your reminder plan. You can automatically email, SMS, fax, post and even schedule call reminders. The result is a reduction in average debtor days, fewer bad debts and an improved cash flow position.

Thank You Notes

And you know what… it’s nice to recognise customers that do pay one time. That’s why ezyCollect lets you send automated (and personalised) thank you notes to your customers that do pay on time! It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.

Real People Making Calls for You

Don’t have the time to follow up with your late payers by phone? Our experienced, Australian based credit managers can call your customers on your behalf when required – and all notes are logged in the ezyCollect contact log so you know exactly what’s happening.

Send to Debt Collectors

Need to get serious with your collection? Debt collection from an Australian wide, professional collection agency is just a click away. ezyCollect offers you a no-collection, no-fee debt collection service.

Send Demand Letters With a Click of a Button

Sometimes you need to give your customers that little push! ezyCollect makes it easy to send a legal letter of demand with one click – no other action required by you. Demand letters are posted to your customers and a copy sent to you.

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