SYNDi Loan Manager

A software system designed by Indus Systems.

About SYNDi Loan Manager

SYNDi Loan Manager manages loans with single or multiple investors. It is used primarily by Lenders, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers and Syndicators. In a typical scenario, the user sets up investors, advances the loan amount to the borrower, receives payments on monthly basis and distributes them to investors after deducting a percentage from the interest amount as the management fee. The system automates the loan management cycle and maintains relevant records until the loan is paid off. SYNDi handles all loans including mortgages that are payable in installments (interest only or amortized over a period with a balloon payment). SYNDi cuts down paperwork and saves time so that you concentrate on marketing while SYNDi takes care of managing the loan cycle.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

SYNDi Loan Manager is designed primarily for use in the finance and insurance industry.

User Reviews of SYNDi Loan Manager

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