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Masterware Billing Master

A order entry application designed by Masterware.
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Keep your Quickbooks® and add Masterware Billing Master to take your business to new levels of Performance and Profitability

If you are currently using Quickbooks®, our Billing Master integrates directly with it. This means you can keep your existing accounting software and increase your ability to coordinate with employees on projects. The end result is:

  • A solution with virtually unlimited users. (Quickbooks® is limited to 5 users)
  • A solution which runs much faster
  • A solution which allows users to coordinate efforts more efficiently
  • A solution which provides immediate visibility of project costs and profitability
  • A solution which allows you to comply with the destination based state sales tax initiatives.

With your accounting system can you…

  • Record a call note?
  • Transfer a call note to another employee?
  • Setup the call note as a reminder?
  • Bill your expended time while on the call?
  • See the call note history and work performed, for a customer, on one screen?
  • Create multiple locations for a single customer?
  • Create multiple projects for each location?
  • Create multiple quotes per project?
  • Create multiple orders from a single quote?
  • Bill products, services and labor to a project?
  • Bill products, services and labor to an order?
  • Quickly determine the percent profit and margin of a quote and an order?
  • Immediately know the current status of an order or a project?
  • Quickly know if an order or project is under or overbudget?
  • Access your customer information from anywhere in the world?
  • Integrate with PDA devices, for a totally mobile workforce?

…If not, then you need Masterware Billing Master

Three Options:

  • Operate from our Server (ASP/SAAS Solution)
  • Operate on your Server
  • Customized to meet your companies unique needs (Foundation Class)


  • Reduces clerical overhead
  • Improves billing accuracy
  • Our network server becomes your server (ASP/SAAS Solution)
  • Access the application from multiple physical locations
  • Our IT Department become your IT Department (ASP/SAAS Solution)
  • We maintain the server (ASP/SAAS Solution)
  • We maintain the integrity of the data and software (ASP/SAAS Solution)
  • We wrote the software so when you need support it is at the highest level
  • Since we are providing you with a service, not selling you software, your investment is minimized (ASP/SAAS Solution)


All you need is a PC with either Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional and Internet access. We provide you with a secure connection to our server, which provides you with direct access to the Billing Master program. You then have access to all of the features of the program.

Reviews of Masterware Billing Master

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This is an amizine softwer