The Trakker

A software system designed by Multi-Financial Services for finance & insurance companies.

About The Trakker

Trakker-Loan Servicing Software is your affordable and comprehensive Loan Servicing Solution offering a wide range of features and able to handle numerous types of loans. Trakker is a user friendly Windows based program easily networked on such servers as: NT 4, 2000, and 2003, Novell, Unix, Terminal Server, peer to peer, and even Linux. Although designed for Windows 98 and newer Windows operating systems, Trakker can run on Mac computers via 3rd party emulation software. Trakker is designed with high quality features with attractive pricing (ask about special pricing for non-profit organizations). An easy-to-follow Help file written in ýplain Englishý & updated continuously, allows for comprehensive training.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • User friendly in a true Windows 32bit environment
  • Cost competitive (Special Non-Profit Pricing)
  • Easily transfer existing loans from other servicing systems
  • Ability to import 1 or thousands of loans
  • Accepts foreign currencies having decimal formats
  • Agency (FNMA, GNMA, & Freddie Mac) reporting ability
  • Crystal Report module to develop special management reports,invoices, letters, graphics, etc. and view before printing
  • Easy to follow electronic Help file - Updated with each version change
  • Escrow tracking and payment processing
  • Investor account tracking
  • Handles several style loans:
    • Regular Amortizing
    • Simple Interest
    • Interest Bearing
    • Adjustable Rate
    • Interest Only
    • Balloon
    • Deferred Accounts
    • Hard Money
    • Zero Interest
    • Short Term (Payday Loans)
    • Standard Mortgage
    • Construction
  • An automated Past Due Collection System with many customizable features including:
  • Printing of past due notices
  • Collection log activity
  • Phone calls-to-make report
  • Delinquency and aging reports
  • Identify accounts at attorney, in foreclosure, or other situations
  • Numerous existing management reports
  • Electronically or magnetically file 1098’s with the IRS
  • Print couponbooks and receipts
  • Develop and print custom letters or use pre-designed letters
  • Automatically track insurance, tax due dates, and three more escrow dates
  • Ability to track other ýImportant Due Datesý - by loan
  • Unlimited network users
  • No ýPer Workstationý Charges
  • FREE technical support
  • Capabile of handling more than 9000 separate Lenders
  • Ability to handle more than 32000 separate accounts (Soon to be unlimited)
  • Individual customer files including insurance information and payment history information, etc.
  • Print annual 1098 forms by company
  • Print loan coupons and delinquent reminder notices
  • Run various reports for current status, delinquent status, etc. either by customer, company, or specific period.
  • Print amortization schedules with annual totals
  • Print individual payment history reports
  • Handle late charges and other charges
  • Record NSF returned checks
  • Track loans as ýactive,ý ýdelinquent,ý ýpaid in full,ý etc.
  • Password secure, with specific rights to access certain functions

Trakker: Software Pricing Information First Year License Fee Begins At: $3995


  • Annual license renewal fee:
  • Additional network workstation fees: NO CHARGE
  • Additional fees for Technical Support: NO CHARGE
  • Additional fees for Telephone Calls: NO CHARGE
  • Additional fees for Program Updates: NO CHARGE
  • Special Pricing for Charitable Non-Profit Organizations

** Technical Support is provided free of charge for the Trakker software. Support for any Add-On modules may incur a charge

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