Si Route Accounting

An accounts receivable application designed by Solid Innovation.

About Si Route Accounting

Solid Innovation, Inc. provides a complete or a complementary solution for mobile invoicing and inventory control supported by full services. Full support services are available and we specialize in remote services because of the numerous advantages to the client.

The solution covers the following key areas and products.

  • Si Business Central - This is the office end of the Si Route Accounting Suite. One of these two products, Si Business Central or Si Mobile Sales, forms the basis for the system:
    • Si Business Central - A complete accounting solution specifically designed for mobile companies. Information entered here becomes the basis for both enterprise and mobile operations. Information obtained from mobiles moves smoothly into this system. It includes: Point-of-Sale, Order Entry, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Multi-Warehouse Management, System Functions, Mobile Initialization and Management, General Ledger, and Reporting.
    • Si Mobile Sales - This provides a complete interface to other accounting systems while providing necessary mobile services. Included here is: Mobile Initialization and Management, System Functions, and Reporting. Available functions can be tailored to compliment special client needs.
      • Note: Where the client’s present accounting system simply lacks mobile operations, yet otherwise provides sufficient services and resources, then Si Mobile Sales is used to provide mobile control and interface to the present system. Otherwise, Si Business Central provides all accounting and business operating services required by a mobile company in a format complimentary to the Si Route Accounting Suite. Additionally, the client may choose to use their own general ledger or that included with Si Business Central. Solid Innovation staff are specifically trained to assist prospects in determining this need.
  • Solid Innovation Mobile Products - A client will need to select a mobile client based upon their needs, as follows:
    • Si Sales Pro - This product provides mobile invoicing with pricing, inventory control with tracking and transfers, received on accounts, day end, and barcode scanner interface. Optional features include: Stop Order Prompting, Scan to Count, and Multi-Vendor.
    • Si Pre-Sell- This product provides mobile order taking with pricing, received on accounts, day end, and barcode scanner interface. Optional features include: Stop Order Prompting, Back Ordering.
    • Si Confirmation of Delivery - This product provides confirmation of delivery, received on accounts, day end, and barcode scanner interface. Optional features include: Stop Order Prompting, Back Ordering.
      • Stop Order Prompting - This feature also includes Skip Reason Code capture. All mobile products can provide this feature when coupled with Si Journey Plan, described under Si Management Products.
      • Scan to Count - Local and remote warehouse ‘Scan to Count’ inventory counting is enabled with Si Business Central from any Si mobile product. This feature enables the mobile for a wide range of inventory counting solutions, including surprise counts, combined counts, and delayed counts.
        • Si Multi-Vendor - Specific products are linked to a stop or customer group and are sold at specific prices on separate company paper. This feature provides for an unlimited number of special customers which represent an alternate supplier. Full accounting, accounts receivable handling, and inventory control is enabled. In this manner, the route distribution company can easily sell product under various company names.
        • Combinations - The above mobile products can be enabled, and then reconfigured, in any group of mobiles the manager chooses. Solid Innovation mobile features can usually be enable together.
  • Solid Innovation Settlement Products - A client will need to select one of these communications and settlement products:
    • Si Connect - This product provides complete authorization, settlement, synchronisation, and reprogramming services between mobile computers running Si Mobile Products and Si Mobile Central. It runs unattended and self configures to the type of incoming connection so the user is not concerned with the connection method. It is fully compatible with Palm Desktop and is suitable for companies with 1 to 30 mobiles. It can handle multiple sessions by running on separate, networked computers. Typical settlement time is 2 to 3 minutes via local connect.
    • Si MultiConnect - This product provides all of the above services (excluding Palm Desktop compatibility), in a ýmulti-threadedý enviroment. As such, it is up to 20 times faster than Si Connect, and can handle 100’s of concurrent sessions per server. It is suitable for companies needing to handle modem banks or multiple Internet connections.
    • Note: All Si Settlement Products run on Windows NT/2000/XP in unattended mode. Up to 50 mobiles, standard Windows (see below) computers work well. For larger systems, please ask for our help in sizing the system.
  • Si Management Products- in addition to numerous reports and mini report writers built into Si Business Central, these products extend the management’s analysis and reach in powerful and unique ways:
    • Si Visual Analyst - This product provides data warehousing, graphical trend display, and pre-defined graphs. In the full version, 30 graph definitions are provided. The user may modify an existing graph definition, then save it for future use. The system is capable of warehousing many years of history, including weekly sales, cost of goods sold, quantities, and gross margin by product code, product group, customer stop, and customer routing group.
    • Si Journey Plan - Si Journey Plan allows you to organize your customer stops and keep your drivers on track. You may set up reoccurring customer visits and improve your service level in the eyes of your customers. Si Journey Plan allows sales managers to setup, schedule, and monitor customer visits. Each customer is assigned to one or more visit schedules. Visit frequency is set in increments of Days, Weeks, Months or Years. Drivers are then presented with a daily list of customers in the order that they are to be visited. If a customer visit is skipped, a reason code can be assigned and reviewed or revisited at a later time. After the visit is recorded, full managment information is available, including sales, gross margin, number of stops, etc. This is available on-screen or in printed format. Si Journey Plan is fully integrated with Si Business Central and Si Mobile Sales and may be used with any Si Mobile Product.
  • Si Services - full support services are available. These include:
    • Si Remote Training - The majority of clients can effectively impliment Si Route Accounting Suite simply through our 10 hour, 3 to 4 session remote training system. Clients are guided and coached through the planning and data entry necessary to get a quick and effective start.
    • Si On-Site Training - For clients requiring on-site service, Solid Innovation offers trainers and support staff for virtually any occasion.
    • **Si Remote Support **- The majority of clients benefit from Si Remote Support. This provides for unlimited remote support, guaranteed 4 hour response time weekdays (and normally immediate answers), covering all topics from computer equipment, networks, printers, program issues, accounting, and bookkeeping. In addition, each support client receives free annual updates with program upgrades and manuals.
    • Si On-Site Support - For clients requiring on-site service, Solid Innovation offers trainers and support staff for virtually any occasion.
  • Si Authorized Equipment - while virtually any mobile equipment can be supported, sometimes by special order, our clients get excellent results from:
    • Windows NT/2000/XP - Office computers should run this operating system, not Windows 95/98/ME, on quality, battery backed-up systems. While memory and harddrive space is usually more than adequate on today’s systems, the sizing of larger systems (over 50 mobiles and/or 10 work stations) should be discussed with Solid Innovation Support Services.
    • Symbol 1800 mobile computer - This mobile computer is rugged, reliable, and economical. It includes a barcode scanner. Because of it’s reliability, it’s an excellent choice. For clients running up to 8,000 SKUs and 500 customers per route with up to 5 days of invoicing, this is an unbeatable choice. A complete line of complimentary equipment is available, including truck and office cradles, wireless networking, and mobile printers.
    • Printers - For truck mounted, 8 1/2ý wide invoices, the Okidata 320 office printer with serial card is a very robust and reliable choice. Our clients operate this printer from Florida to the Canadian North, with excellent, reliable results. We will also support any printer upon request, including specialised, belt mounted printers.
    • Communications - Modems, modem pools, direct connections, network and Internet connections are all supported. Solid Innovation will work with you to ensure this essential point is covered for you today and tomorrow.

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