Invoice Assist

An online invoice payment support center for customers.

About Invoice Assist

Giving your customers the tools they prefer and the convenience they deserve.

  • Self-Service. Tools customers can use to find information or complete tasks on their own.
  • Support. Tools customers can use to request invoice and payment related support.
  • Engagement. Tools vendors can use to communicate with customers and give them access to Invoice Assist.


Being able to perform tasks and find information online is no longer just convenient, it’s expected. Customers prefer doing business with companies that are easy to work with and offering self-service options for anything invoice related makes things easier. Companies that aren’t offering such options are falling behind because they are failing to offer the experience many customers prefer.


View Invoice Information

Customers view invoice information for upcoming, past-due, and even invoices that have already been paid. If they need supporting documents, they can easily request a copies through Invoice Assist.Giving customers a central place to view all of their invoices minimizes the chances of invoices slipping through the cracks and not getting paid on time. It also speeds up the process when customers lose the original invoice or need to ask questions.

Make Payments

Customers are able to schedule free payments electronically through their bank accounts (ACH) or pay with a credit card for vendors who accept credit cards. Customers can also choose to partial pay an invoice. If they do partial pay, they are required to enter a reason explaining why they’re not paying the entire invoice. The reason is then immediately sent to the vendor for their records.

Apply Credits

Any credits available from vendors are shown to customers through Invoice Assist. Customers can easily apply these to open invoices and vendors receive the reconciling information they need.


Customers can also sign up for Autopay through TermSync. TermSync’s Autopay solution protects your customers in ways other Autopay solutions do not. Before any payment is processed, your customer receives a reminder email giving them the ability to easily dispute or delay the payment if needed. If they choose to delay or dispute, they must enter a reason why. That reason is then immediately forwarded to the vendor. Because they always retain 100% control, customer’s are much more likely to sign up for Autopay. It also results in faster payments for vendors as over 99% of all transactions done through Autopay are paid on time with no delay or dispute ever entered from the customer.

Manage W9s

Give your customers an easy place to access your W9. This saves both of you time and is also a great way to introduce Invoice Assist to a new customer. Upon clicking a link that you provide, they’re able to access your W9 right from Invoice Assist. While they are there, they can see the other useful tools at their disposal.


There are times when customers need to reach out to you with a question or a request related to an invoice. With Invoice Assist, they have user friendly tools to do exactly that. Customers are much more likely to make a request or ask a question if they can easily do it online rather than sitting on hold on the phone. Customers with this option are more likely to proactively reach out to you with questions rather than not paying their bill and waiting for you to call them.


Send Messages/Ask Questions

Invoice Assist makes it easy for customers to ask questions from any screen. Their message or question gets logged for both sides to see and your team member responsible for that customer is immediately notified via email. You can then respond within Invoice Assist or call the customer if necessary. Studies show customers are more likely to proactively ask questions through an online tool than they are to call into phone support. This helps you answer questions earlier and get paid faster.

Track Vendor Response Time

You can set up internal goals within Invoice Assist to track response time to customers. Whether you keep this number private or make it visible to customers is up to you, but tracking it shows your customers they are a priority even after the sale is complete.

Request Supporting Documents

What if customers need supporting documents not already available to them? These requests are only a click away within Invoice Assist. When they ask for the document and you provide it, you can keep a record tied to that invoice or customer account so they have the document for future use as well.

File Disputes

If a customer needs to dispute an invoice, whether it’s partially or the entire amount, they’re able to file that dispute directly within Invoice Assist. Of course if that occurs, vendors receive an instant notification of the reason for the dispute.


So far we’ve gone over how customers can access invoice information on their own (Self-Service) through Invoice Assist and also covered how they can ask for additional help (Support). In order to get customers using Invoice Assist we also provide you (the vendor) with tools to help reduce your administrative costs and get paid faster. That’s where Engagement comes in.


Automated Payment Reminders

With Invoice Assist you can set up automated payment reminders or account statement emails to be sent on your behalf to your customers. Whether you want them sent to all of your customers or just a few, you can easily customize it within the application. You also choose the timing, the messaging used, and several other details. When a customer receives the email, they are able to click through to Invoice Assist without even needing a password.

New Invoice Notification Emails

Similar to the payment reminder emails, you can choose to have Invoice Assist deliver your invoices. Customers receive an email from you with your exact invoice. They can then perform any of the actions noted above (pay invoice, ask question, etc). You can even track when a customer views an invoice so you can follow up with those that haven’t been opened after a given period of time (eliminate the excuse, “I never received the invoice”).

Log in From Your Site

Give customers the ability to login to Invoice Assist directly from your website. Having the Invoice Assist button on your site shows customers you care and have invested in making their lives easier.

Highlight Your Promotions

Even though Invoice Assist is primarily designed for managing and paying invoices, you also have an opportunity to highlight new products or special programs you’re currently promoting. Easily create banners or promotions within Invoice Assist for your customers to view.

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