Trail Blazer Donor Management CRM

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A donor management software system designed by Trail Blazer.

About Trail Blazer Donor Management CRM

Nonprofit Fundraising Software That Targets, Tracks & Integrates With Your Website

Robust Donor Management Software

Trail Blazer’s nonprofit fundraising software lets you target specific donors with ease and sophistication. The CRM tracks your finances, fundraising, pledges, events, donor relationships, donor touches with just a few clicks. Keep track of every donor conversation, email and letter. Knowing exactly what was said and when is the key to increasing your fundraising and developing long-term relationships with your donors.

Communicate Your Message

Raise awareness to the next level. Target your message to specific donors. The nonprofit fundraising software tools will leverage your efforts and enable you to reach your fundraising goals faster than ever. Reach your audience with unlimited FREE mass emails, outbound calling, direct mail sent from the system or from your mailhouse with an exported mailing list.

Track Your Donor Data

With the donor management software you’ll be able to keep track of your donor data in ways you never thought possible. Make efficient use of your time. Organize your fundraising efforts and your volunteers.

Use Your Mobile Card Reader to Gather Donations

Mobile giving with your smartphone is now available from Vanco Services. Gathering financial support door-to-door or at an event is easier than ever.

Other Key Features

  • Secure log in from anywhere
  • Recurring and sustaining donations
  • Customized user access - assign various levels of access
  • Unlimited users can be registered. Five concurrent users for free.
  • Canadian tax receipts (CRA)
  • All inclusive - No modules to buy. No surprises.
  • Transaction roll-back - Easily undo your mistakes.
  • Session safety net - Undo an entire user session if you need to.
  • Shared databases with other Trail Blazer clients (if they allow)
  • Imports / Exports - Unlimited import/export of your data using a variety of methods
  • Record duplication management - Save time de-duping your data.
Starting Price
$50 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Trail Blazer Donor Management CRM

Submitted on April 15th, 2021 by Karen

The system has all the functionality I would expect in a CRM system. What makes Trailblazer so good is the customer service and support.

The Good…

Customer service and support. I’m a parent volunteer for a private elementary school, and I’m the primary user of this tool. Because it’s not my full time job, I don’t have time to intimately learn the system, and I end up relying on customer support quite a bit. They are fantastic!

The Bad…

There is so much functionality available, and so many knowledge docs available, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. Customer service is great when I know what I want to do. But I feel I could do so much more, I just don’t know how to start. Would be nice if there was a 10,000 foot view of all the available functionality, with the ability to drill down to learn more about specific things.