Sparkrock Manage

A software system designed by Sparkrock.

About Sparkrock Manage

Sparkrock Manage helps you gain control over your finances to make better decisions and reduce organizational risk; and manage and engage with your workforce effectively through smart scheduling, efficient payroll, and rich HR processes.

This platform serves:

  • K-12 educational institutions
  • Higher education
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Residential care
  • Tribal governments
  • Mental health organizations
  • Disability support services
  • Children’s services
  • And more

Sparkrock Manage is built on the MS Dynamics platform, the solution is available on premise or via a cloud subscription and integrates with other elements of the Microsoft suite

Finance Management

Control your finances the way you want to. This solution offers rich and flexible capabilities to help your organization increase transparency and reduce risk.

  • Reduce manual time and effort required for financial activities
  • Purchase and expenses without the headache
  • Become a pro at grants and fund accounting
  • Get real-time budget data you need to make smart decisions

Workforce Management

Your employees are on the front-line delivering services to your clients. These tools help them to be more productive on the go and help you manage them more effectively.

  • Enjoy smart, integrated scheduling to leave no shift unfilled
  • Free yourself from rooms full of HR filing cabinets
  • Get productive with automated time, attendance, and payroll tools
  • Let your employees access important information without asking HR


Empower Your Finance Department

Reduce manual effort on financial activities, get valuable insight quickly and easily, and use flexible and configurable tools that match your complex financial requirements.

Purchasing and Expenses, Without the Headache

Enjoy the efficiency, visibility, and control of this purchasing, employee expenses, and vendor management solution.

Become a Pro at Grants and Fund Accounting

Keep your funders satisfied and reduce organizational risk with the rich grants management and fund accounting solution that offers visibility, financial integrations, and contextual data for you to make strategic decisions.

All the Data You Need to Make Smart Decisions

Obtain reliable data in tjos comprehensive solution, and find key insight quickly for financial planning with customizable and easy-to-read dashboards and reports.


No Shift Left Unfilled

Easy and accessible online scheduling across all employees and locations. Use smart data to find the right employees and replace shifts without headaches.

Free Yourself From Rooms Full of HR Filing Cabinets

Manage your applicants efficiently, onboard new employees smoothly, retrieve all employee data from a centralized place, and empower your employees with appraisals and training.

Productivity Can Be This Easy Inspire your employees to be more efficient with simple and rich time, attendance, and payroll management solution.

Make Your HR Team’s Life Easier

Let your employees make changes to personal information and access tailored information at any time, across any platform, without having to bother your HR team or fill out paperwork manually.

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